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Project • By Studio MumbaiPrivate Houses

Belavali House

Designed for an extended family, Belavali house occupies a five acre rice plantation in the district of Alibag, a forty minute boat journey from Mumbai city. Conceived as a pavilion in the garden, the house is positioned between the forest to the... More

Project • By SPASM Design ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The BRICK KILN house

Different houses , have different stories. Located in a small village Munavali, proximal to Alibaug, a favorite getaway, for affluent Bombay citizens as a place to build their dream country home. The allotment (3 acres) was partly a grove of Tam... More

Project • By CadenceDistribution Centres


Typically a commercial complex is conceived as a generic glass box or clad with materials like ACP. The consequent result of such surface articulation results in the clichéd result that we mostly see around us. When we set out to conceive the project... More

Project • By CadenceDistribution Centres


The commercial complex was to sit on a tight corner site measuring 25’x 100’. Typically the commercial complex as a ‘type’ is conceived as a generic glass box or clad with standard materials like ACP, the consequence of such surface articulation resu... More

Project • By OFIA (Office For International Architecture)Restaurants

FLO: Lounge, Bar, Private Dining

Sanjiv Malhan of Office For International Architecture (OFIA), whose work has created nightspots such as Three Stories, has outdone himself this time. FLO is a concept whose time has come. A sophisticated Lounge, Bar, Club and Private Dining whic... More

Project • By Collaborative ArchitectureHotels

Mezban Inverted Topography

The project is a part of a business hotel which has been redesigned by the firm as a repositioning exercise. The strategy was to create a new identity to the already popular restaurant though interior architecture making it a new destination dining i... More

Project • By SybariteShops

Maison Boutique Department Store

Inspiration for the design of this multi-brand boutique came from the way Indo-Islamic art and architecture use repetition of geometric forms to achieve intricate decorative patterns. Echoing the famous dome of the Taj Mahal and other landmarks of th... More

Project • By Studio ParadigmHousing

House of Pavilions

Bangalore is an open ended city having a nonconformist cultural agenda unlike other cities in India. It offers a sense of conceptual freedom which allows us as architects to explore the diverse conditions arising out of juxtaposition of histories and... More

Project • By Shirish Beri & AssociatesPrivate Houses

V.I.P Guest House

“Bharati Vidyapeeth needs a guest house where it can play host to very important dignitaries”. That was the single line brief given by Dr. Patangrao Kadam, founder of Bharati Vidyapeeth to Ar. Shirish Beri. Another design parameter was added later sa... More

Project • By Shirish Beri & AssociatesResearch Facilities

Laboratory for the Conservation of Endangered Species

The Government of India wanted to set up a unique laboratory for the conservation of endangered species through research on reproductive biology and in-vitro fertilization. This design responds to this attitude of respecting and restoring Nature and... More

Project • By Flying Elephant StudioUniversities

International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore

Brief The commission was for adding a new floor to the academic block of IIIT-B, India`s premier institute for advanced studies in IT. Program included academic classroom space, and research labs for industry. Brief required minimum disturbance to... More

Project • By Flying Elephant StudioUniversities

Krishnamurti Foundation India- Rishi Valley School

Founded by the influential 20th century philosopher and mystic J. Krishnamurti and set in a sprawling 400 acre rural campus, Rishi Valley School is a premier educational institute of India. Imbibing the introspective spirituality of Krishnamurti and... More

Project • By VIVEK DIXIT AND PARTNERSNurse Housing

Ram Raie

The client being the owner of a nursery horticulturist the President of the Rose Association of India the brief called for a house for short stays at his nursery, abutting the Varasgaon Dam backwaters to suit his lifestyle family entertainment. Th... More

Project • By Christopher Charles Benninger ArchitectsSecondary Schools

Mahindra United World College India

This is one of the ten United World College public schools, headed by Nelson Mandela, located worldwide, patronized by the Indian auto industry family of The Mahindras. Here the students go through high school education. Twenty-five percent of the st... More



The Cafeteria at Raman Boards, Tandavapura, Mysore-India. The assignment was to design the building for dining of the factory employes and visitors in the lush green 20 Acre campus of the factory. The site was facing a Fruit garden in front and f... More