The strong use of colour

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Project • By MVRDVResearch Facilities

BK City

Several weeks after The Why Factory – a newly established research institute, lead by MVRDV and the Technical University Delft - had moved into their new residence on the top floor of the Faculty Building of the Technical University, the building was destroyed by a fire on May 12, 2008. Due to the economic crisis, a building closer to the city center of Delft became available that originally would have been developed by Fortis Bank into luxurious apartments. The monumental building – the former headquarters of the TU, was made ready to accommodate the faculty for the coming five years. Since the building was too small to accommodate the whole faculty, a temporary extension needed to be added for which MVRDV designed several schemes.... More

Project • By Forbo Flooring SystemsShops

Le Fringe Hair Salon

A brightly coloured, rainbow cocoon of Forbo Marmoleum has attracted the Fly Forbo Award 2010 for Giant Design Consultants of Crows Nest, New South Wales. Their winning project, Le Fringe hair dressing salon at Westfield, Bondi Junction, features an exoskeleton ribbed effect of various shades of Marmoleum interspersed with glass which gives vantage to the continued colour panels across the floor and ceiling and a fully coved rear bench seat within the salon. The mirrored rear wall doubles the effect and coupled with the broadening, angled bands really plays with the perspective of the room. More

Project • By PerformaApartments


an apartment for a young family with an affinity for art, located in central berlin, without the conventionel floor plan division with seperate guest- and office parts. consisting of a continuous floor and two additional penthouses. the premises are arranged into a stretched, angled main room without any functional definition, and diverse adjoining retreat and side rooms. they do have special functions. the central room can be zoned with mobile, moving, interlocking elements, and so create a room of possibilities. it fits, like a universal dress, the various and unexpected user requirements. the scale starts with a huge connecting exhibitionroom up to a large number of intimate and private livingclosets. so the fuctional areas change int... More

Project • By COEN! Shops

Juwelier Kameleon

Kameleon, a jeweller, has chosen COEN! to take care of its design management. All communication of this trendsetting jeweller is designed and guarded by COEN!. Jewels in this shop are presented by personality, not by material or by brand. A new logotype, designed in four personalities, and a new website are the first results of this new identity. After that, the interior is changed. Everyone is unique. COEN! and his team have the expertise needed to translate this uniqueness into a consistent and powerful corporate identity which fits like a glove. A chameleon has the unique ability to change its colour. Kameleon has changed its colour and appeal by a new interior. Banners in different shades colour the floor and the walls. A... More

Project • By Favela PaintingArt Galleries

Santa Marta

Using a flexible concept of colourful rays which can easily be expanded, we made a design for the houses around the square and part of the street, including the local Sambaschool. A group of local inhabitants where instructed by trainers from TintasCoral as part of the project "Tudo de Cor para Santa Marta." They where taught everything from different types of paint to safety measures about working on scaffolding. As every wall, every house needs another solution, the painters learn to work with all kinds of material. During the hard month of work they received an education as well as a paycheck. The inside of the sambaschool was painted in their traditional colors.The final result was a huge artwork spanning over 34 houses .About 7000 squa... More


Office Vetreria Airoldi

Contemporary working places are places where “living” and “staying”, and for this reason we always think about quality of our projects, in particular on beauty, pleasure, richness and speciality with the intention to suggest unique spaces, that can result reassuring and characterized by high domestic taste. Coloured glass is the magic material that is often present in these projects and that is essential in our interpretation of contemporary luxury idea. For us glass is light, colour, geometries, reflections, deepness, transparency and opacity, movement and special effects: a material able to build up speciality to an architectural space. The projects of Vetreria Airoldi office and showroom has been a particular opportunity of experim... More

Project • By Dan pearlman Erlebnisarchitektur GmbHShops

COEO – House of Good Deeds

“Combining beauty with goodness” was the motto for the opening on 19 November 2010 from the house of good deeds in Berlin. The new retail concept is a “pilot project” because it combines products from four different sectors under one roof: In addition to fair trade products and goods produced lovingly in workshops for people with disabilities, there are a generous selection of books and a café on more than 500 square meters which invite everyone to stay. COEO is a store concept for sustainable consumption, which establishes the issue of corporate social responsibility to the principle of the business. The modern design and the architectural concept of the store divide the spacious retail space in four areas: In Good Community, Well done,... More

Project • By KLAB architecture (kinetic lab of architecture)Shops


The intentions of this project were to transform an ordinary shop into a joyful, fascinating space designed with children in mind, but avoiding the clichés of for-children design. The space itself is a playful exploration of lines, planes and volumes using light and colour. The linearity of the plan however, is distorted by a paradoxical angle which represents the true, unpredictable, path kids make through a space. By curving the furniture's edges we cushion customers from being potentially unsettled by the unorthodox display. More

Project • By SOMOS ArquitectosApartments

123 Social Housing Appartment

The volume is fixed according to the rigid city-planning rules that prevail within the scope of the PAU de Vallecas and the optimization of the space to obtain the highest amount of apartments asked by the developer. Thus, the façade remains as one of the most powerful instruments to manipulate the perceptive scale. The official facade opens towards the commercial street. It gathers the commercial premises and the three accesses (parking in and out and pedestrian). We decided to create a single welcome space, big enough to interact with the scale of the building. This hall area is completely open on both sides and its rectangular shape stablishes a dialogue with the free-form platforms of the mailbox area. The building poses reflection... More

Project • By Abin Design StudioFactories

IMI Kolkata

Nature in its various forms has always been a constant source of inspiration to man. The sky with its various states and ever changing colors is one of the most dynamic elements of nature and is what has inspired the built form façade. The colored laminate with Vanceva PVB glass on the façade follows no repetitive pattern and is symbolic of the unpredictable nature of the sky. It also represents the vibrancy of today’s youth. The client brief required a management institute of international standards. Provisions for state of the art facilities and smart classrooms have been made for. The latest technological provisions in the institute allow for worldwide exchange of knowledge, through conventions and seminars. The architectural language... More

Project • By Morato Arquitetura

Sanitation Company of Minas Gerais

In Minas Gerais, a state located in Middle East of Brazil, COPASA - Companhia de Saneamento de Minas Gerais, is the state owned company responsible for the water treatment and distribution to the majority of the cities. For the planning and management, the company has an Administrative District for each of the five regions in the state. The project here presented comprehends one of the administrative head-office, located in São Sebastião do Paraíso – Minas Gerais state. The architectonical language used in this construction searched to articulate the two orders on which the activities of the company are based. On one hand, the Natural Order referring to the hydric resources, raw-material used to supply the municipal districts. This... More

Project • By Julio BarrenoNurseries

Azahar children’s school

The original building of this children’s school was located in the centre of the plot which had, at that time, a U- shaped layout; its concave side organizes the main entrance from the street, and between the convex side and the rest of the limits of the plot, it generates the playground for the students' breaks. Basically, that was a normal way to put together some classrooms around a court. The constructive conditions of this building were those of a traditional one. Thick structural walls made of stones that support a light wooden made roof structure nowadays replaced by a steel one; an insubstantial building. We had to incorporate a new program that consisted in a secretary’s office, a staff room, a lunch room and a kitchen, toil... More

Project • By dpavilion architectsHousing


Prologue Contertainer, designed by dpavilion architects of Surabaya – Indonesia, is an amalgam of two words: container and entertainer. From its outer look, at a glance one can see an architectural form made of several brightly painted containers—red, yellow, blue and light green—in attractive position and composition, thus forming a contertainer. Principal architects of dpavilion, Edwin Nafarin, once muttered: “I want to create architecture that would please many”. Contertainer is one of his works that manifests his architectural creed. Contertainer Is situated in Batu, East Jawa, Indonesia. Batu is a relatively new town which still retains a strong agricultural nuance. Perhaps it is a town with a village-like atmosphere. Conterta... More

Project • By OFIS arhitektiApartments

Honeycomb Apartments

The project is a winning entry for two housing blocks in a competition convoked by the Slovenia Housing Fund, a government-run programme that is providing low-cost apartments for young families. The proposal won for economic, rational and functional issues but mostly for the ratio between gross vs. saleable surface area and the flexibility of the plans. When signing the contract we were obliged to prepare construction documentation for the building cost 600€ per m2 of net surface area. The blocks are set out on a hill with a view of Izola Bay on one side and of the surrounding hills on the other. The given urban plot was 2blocks of 60x28 meters. The brief required 30 apartments of different sizes and structures, varying from studio flats... More

Project • By Bonnard Woeffray ArchitectesNurseries

Kindergarten Monthey

Monthey's new kindergarten is located in the town's Cinquantoux Park and replaces the former villa that had become obsolete. Conceived as a large house for children, the venue assumes an almost organic shape that merges with the wooded park and offers a range of interior spaces. Following the same logic is its composition of volumes topped by a roof composed of gently slanting sections. The building can accommodate 180 or so children. It offers two floors arranged as six separate units. Each unit is divided into two spaces for activity and rest, with a washroom and toilets in between. Each unit has a distinct character reflecting its position in the building; all benefit from different views of the park, and are bathed in sunlight in the... More