Thermal comfort

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Product • By MERMET S.A.S.[Blackout 100%] KARELLIS 11301 : The fine and lightweight large-width blackout fabric


The new Karellis 11301 interior fabric from Mermet offers numerous advantages: - Large width of 300 cm: ideal for equipping large surfaces without joints. - 100% opaque, this PVC-coated polyester fabric completely blocks the light and UV rays, offers unparalleled thermal comfort by adjusting the temperature in both summer and winter, and is easy to maintain as it is cleaned with a damp sponge. - Thermal comfort- Fine and extremely light: it fits into the small size curtains boxes even in large format. - 6 harmonious and warm colors: identical color on both sides for a harmony of the façade seen from the outside. More

Product • By MERMET S.A.S.[Screen Nature] Screen Nature Ultimetal : Thermal and optical comfort, unrivalled level excellence

Screen Nature Ultimetal

The Screen Nature Ultimetal fabric offers numerous advantages: 74 % of solar reflectance,  minimum environmental impact, transparent thermal shield,  very low emissivity of 10%, excellent glare control More