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NewsNews • 23 Jun 2021

Kengo Kuma’s Kadokawa Culture Museum is a futuristic cultural labyrinth clad in granite

A futuristic cultural labyrinth, the Kadokawa Culture Museum by Kengo Kuma and Associates is a monolithic granite building that forms the cornerstone of a development called ‘Tokorozawa Town.’ The development site, which lies east of Tokyo, also includes an anime-focused hotel, book store and indoor pavilion for events. The site also includes an independent shrine designed by Kengo Kuma. Forward Stroke In total, the Kadokawa Culture Museum comprises five storeys. The first floor houses a small library and 1,000 square meter gallery for exhibitions. The second floor includes a café and shop, while the third floor is devoted entirely to the presentation of anime. Forward Stroke The fourth floor presents a specia... More