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Project • By Architecture for LondonPrivate Houses

Brook Green House

This mid-terrace Victorian house in Brook Green was reconfigured and extended to create a dramatic vertical space. An opening was formed in the floor at raised ground level, connecting the reception rooms with the kitchen and dining room below. A new douglas fir stair descends through this double-height volume, and the lowest three steps form part of the precast concrete work surface.   At raised ground floor the rear elevation is opened out entirely, with a glass box extension that overlooks the garden and floods the double height space with natural light. The extension at lower ground floor is finished with a natural Portland Roach stone with fossilised fragments. The stone continues to form the surface of the patio, which is acces... More

Project • By Chance de SilvaPrivate Houses


Vex is a unique architecture/sound collaboration. It is an in situ concrete house which arose out of the collaboration between musician Robin Rimbaud (known as ‘Scanner') and architects Chance de Silva. Music and architecture both take as their starting point Erik Satie's 'Vexations' – a looping, repetitive piano work that lasts around 18 hours in continuous performance.This is to our knowledge the first architecture/sound collaboration of this type since Le Corbusier/Xenakis/Varèse's Philips Pavilion of 1958. (In that it was envisaged as an integrated design collaboration, with the music and architecture symbiotic and made in parallel, rather than the sound added later as an installation in an existing building). Creating the continuously... More

Project • By Diego Pacheco Design PracticeHousing


The 1952 residence at 2201 Lyon residence was originally designed by John Savage Bolles, and is an excellent example of a reinforced concrete home designed in a mid-century modernist style by Bolles for himself and his family. Bolles was a prominent San Francisco architect, and is best know for the design of CandlestickPark, built in 1958. The original Victorian house on this site, 3100 Jackson, designed by J. Cather Newsom in1892, had burned down a year later, to be replaced in 1898 by a second one, designed by Samuel Newsom and Frederick Meyer. This house was demolished circa 1940 and the lot sat vacant until Bolles began construction of the current house. Bolles bought the 34' x 127' parcel on the northwest corner of Jackson and Lyon, an... More

Project • By Potestio StudioPrivate Houses

The Lair Condominiums

Potestio Studio was commissioned to design 13 residential units for a steep 10,000 square foot lot located between an historic neighborhood and downtown Portland, Oregon. A courtyard scheme enabled 10 town houses to be arranged on the site. The descending slope allowed for three additional flats to be located on the lowest level of the building.The courtyard serves as the resident’s shared space thus reinforcing a sense of community. The courtyard is set at the middle level in the building, with stairs connecting to the three unit entry levels. It provides auto access to six garages. The stairways create a pathway through the building connecting the building to the neighborhood and downtown.The building’s composition balances a reading of t... More

Project • By Diego Pacheco Design PracticePrivate Houses

San Francisco Urban Garden

A renovation to a 1905 Victorian house in San Francisco was conceived as a journey transitioning from traditional design elements to modern as one circulates from public to private spaces. The Victorian façade remains intact and the rooms at the front of the house were preserved with all the original details. The main living space in the back of the house was opened up into one singular space that blends traditional elements with modern elements. A sleek steel and glass balcony and stair connects to the private backyard below. The intimate garden off the Master Suite level was designed to be a compact yet lush oasis, offering a zen retreat away from the frenzy of the surrounding city. The plants are by local favorite, Flora Grubb Gardens.Ma... More

Project • By House of SylphinaApartments

Stoke Newington Flat

Situated on the first floor of a Victorian conversion, this two bedroom flat is located in fashionable Stoke Newington, London. The flat required some basic replanning, and by moving a few key walls it allowed the space to open up and become much more useable. Highlights of colours and patterns were introduced to create features and focal points within the rooms.What was the brief?The aim of this project was to inject character and style into the property while keeping to a modest budget. As a Victorian house that was extended and then converted into flats, the internal planning also required optimising.What were the key challenges?Although the property had good sized bedrooms and a generous reception room, the kitchen was extremely small a... More

Project • By Arch:AngelPrivate Houses

Lansdowne House

The client expressed the wish to acquire a new house in the position on an old coach house, situated next to a large victorian house and a listed church.After careful deliberation and research, Archangel designed a modern 4 bedroom house, carefully tailored to the needs of the client, while taking into account it positioning among the neighbouring historic buildings.The project was managed fully by Archangel and the internal finishes and layout where detailed by our in-house Interior Designer. More

Project • By nimtim architectsPrivate Houses

Generation Game

A flexible design for a multi generational home that met the current and future needs of this unique family.nimtim were invited to re-imagine an existing Victorian house in Forest Hill and propose a solution that met current and future needs for the three generations that occupied it.The design process was structured to ensure meaningful collaboration with every member of the family. Nimtim assessed and balanced all of these sometimes conflicting needs and requirements. They also invited the family to contribute ideas to the design in terms of colours, materials, layout. This meant everyone felt a sense of ownership with the new family space and even helped fabricate some of the key elements - such as choosing the colour and size of the mar... More

Project • By 3Gen Development GroupPrivate Houses

The Upper Annex

“The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.” — Charles EamesThe Upper Annex Project more widely recognized as The Birds of Tranby was a totally renovation of a historically significant home in the Toronto. Conceptualized + designed by 3Gen Development, headed by Alexis Walker + Darcy Ward. Alexis + Darcy collaborated with architect Betsy Williamson of Williamson Williamson to oversee the desired, fine architectural details of the remodel.This home is award nominated + well recognized in the design scape of Toronto + internationally. 3Gen Development had the vision to preserve this historic gem while creating a functional, modern interior which would stand the test of time + become as we... More

Project • By Christopher Elliott DesignPrivate Houses

Princes Hill

Normally, when working on a heritage listed project involving a grand double fronted Victorian house, the approach is conservative. But, thankfully the client had a brave attitude and allowed us to implement a progressive and contemporary design. We drew inspiration from Nordic inspired European interiors that celebrate the ‘old’ in a restrained modern context. The harmonious junction of the black steel glazing, against the sharp, clean architectural lines of the building exemplifies this beautifully.What was the brief?The client loved the character of the period architecture and was also very open to modern design. The client had alot of ideas but many of them were conflicting. We felt the design required a level of understated elegance, w... More

Project • By Delvendahl Martin ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Semi Detached

The project involved the conversion of two semi-detached houses in central Oxford into one family home. The two existing Victorian houses were joined together by linking the flexible living and private spaces and changing the organizational diagram from vertical to horizontal. This change was realised by introducing a new staircase clad in stained timber at the centre of the plan and perpendicular to the party wall. The existing symmetrical arrangement was rotated to achieve a continuous flow of spaces throughout each floor. The change of level from the entrance to the back garden is negotiated through a second staircase, in this case constructed using recovered bricks from the demolition works, and a new loggia accessible from the kitchen... More

Project • By WALAPrivate Houses

Downside Up House

Nestled in a diverse neighbourhood pocket in Albert Park, the original building was a dilapidated double-fronted Victorian house book-ended by a double-storey terrace house on its south side. The house is located on a corner allotment that is pinched in by the main street and a laneway which gives it its irregular, triangular "pizza" shape that tapers towards the rear. As a heritage listed building, it was imperative to rescue the front of house which was in a severe state of disrepair. The homeowner and his family of 4 presented us a brief that started off with the basic functional premise of maintaining a 3-bedroom house at the very minimum, and making use of the neighbour's double-height boundary wall to introduce a second storey vo... More

Project • By Manalo & White ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Corduroy House

Rugged stripes of Welsh slate complete the rear extension to this remodelled Victorian house, designed for a fashion stylist and a contemporary art curator, and their two young sons. The clients were keen to retain and enhance the material qualities of the original property whilst upgrading and extending their home of 10 years. An earlier, 1980s extension had introduced a small, low-ceilinged kitchen and stepped terrace to the rear, disconnecting the living spaces from the well-established garden. The new full width rear extension introduces a dining and living area that feels like a room within the garden. Lowering the floor internally brings the new rooms level with the garden whilst increasing the internal ceiling height. The panell... More

Project • By Architecture for LondonResidential Landscape

North London House

This project extends a maisonette that had previously been converted from an early Victorian house. A series of spaces are connected for improved daylight and views. More

Project • By nimtim architectsPrivate Houses

Block House - Stoke Newington

A bold and unusual extension to a Victorian end-of-terrace house in Stoke Newington. Focused around a double-height internal courtyard; the project employs a palette of richly coloured and textured materials to create a unique and unusual family home.nimtim were approached by a young family who had recently bought an end-of-terrace Victorian house in Stoke Newington. The house was in a state of disrepair and priority was placed on upgrading and creating an open plan ground floor family space. The existing lean-to conservatory was demolished to allow for a new side extension.Nimtim introduced a double height internal courtyard to the centre of the house with a glass block wall to one side and an opening roof light above. This space acts as a... More