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Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Armadale House

This project involved alterations and additions to an existing Victorian house in Armadale that had been renovated in the late 1980s. The scope of work included a complete refurbishment of the existing Victorian House and a new upper level extension separated into two private zones for parents and children. More

Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Stanhope St House - 1

This project comprises a new addition to an existing single storey, freestanding Victorian house. In contrast to the compartmentalised rooms of the existing Victorian house, JCB imagined a new transparent, volume extension where the space of a new kitchen/living room dissolve and engage with an external garden. This in turn challenges the generic “box on the back” type addition. More

Project • By Andrew Pilkington Architects and Designers Private Houses

Ladbroke Square

We converted two flats as a duplex. The top floor of this is also the top of a six story Victorian house. We found that we could fit a near mathematical grid to the entire top floor ceiling. This is entirely new and fully structured to support a large flat roof garden on top. This replaced the old butterfly sloping roof. More

Project • By Flansburgh ArchitectsSecondary Schools

Beebe School

This award-winning four-story, 140,000 square foot school is designed to function as both an academic and community facility for 848 students in grades K-8. Capturing the classical elements of the surrounding Victorian houses through its facade and brick details, the K-4 elementary school occupies the southern half of the building, and the 5-8 middle school on the northern half. In the central spine areas separating these two wings are the shared core spaces, including an 8,400 square foot gymnasium with a full-size basketball court, a 4,100 square foot cafeteria, a 350-seat auditorium, a library/media instruction center, computer labs, and music suites. The adjacent Wallace Park was revitalized to include a flat 19,000 square foot green... More

Project • By Eldridge London ArchitectsApartments

House in Hampstead Village

House in the Hampstead Conservation Area, London When leading rare books dealer Bernard Shapero and his wife bought a derelict Victorian house in the Hampstead Village Conservation Area they asked Eldridge Smerin to transform and enlarge the property to provide a home for the couple and their three children. Working with the limitations of a Victorian house, Eldridge Smerin aimed to breathe new life into the site, organising the existing and new elements of the house in such a way that they make a coherent whole, and avoiding an apologetic or low key ‘infill’ approach to working in a Conservation Area. The new three level extension the practice proposed is a light and robust steel framed structure expanding the house laterally across th... More

Project • By Paul McAneary ArchitectsHousing

Loophouse 1

Brief The owners of this four bedroom Victorian house, untouched since the Seventies, requested PMA to open up the space and to make the garden become part of their living space. They also requested ample storage to house their immense vinyl and CD music collection, and a huge array of shoes. They wanted a calm living space that could easily turn into a ‘nightclub’. Concept Design Paul McAneary Architects’ major challenge was to create large spaces and huge volumes of storage without spoiling the clean lines. PMA removed all unnecessary walls and corridors forcing linear movements and proposed a ‘loop plan’ that encourages fluidity and efficiency instead. PMA raised the garden to the kitchen floor level to create continuity, designed a... More

Project • By Terry & Terry ArchitectureApartments

Alvarado Residence

We maintained certain portions of the original Victorian layout, including the compartmentalized front rooms and the wide hallway that contains the stairs and bathrooms and leads to the kitchen. As one moves to the rear of the house, traces of the original Victorian house dissolve. We designed the new structure at the rear of the house to be a series of interconnected, multi-functional open spaces for dining, cooking and common living. On the third floor, we added bedrooms/bathrooms, a large stair shaft, and a roof opening to allow light to reach the middle section of the house. To create transparency at the rear of the house, we used a three-story, steel moment frame. This allowed us to use glass as a membrane, blurring the distinction... More

Project • By Kariouk AssociatesPrivate Houses

Echo House

Task: To marry eighty-four years of history by integrating a contemporary, open and functional living space inside a 1924 landmark that overlooks the Rideau Canal. Project Challenge: The starting point for this renovation was a modest Victorian home in poor condition, whose rooms with small windows and dark interior spaces were separated from one another, as was typical of homes built in an era when privacy was a cultural priority. In another gesture to Victorian public decorum, the arrangement of the existing interior spaces reinforced the antiquated ideal that work life and family life should be kept distinct. Although the client required the renovated space to welcome work life in the home while continuing to maintain clear separat... More

Project • By Tamir Addadi ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Extension and alterations to a private house

The main aim of the project was to create a sense of unity between the back garden and the house, allowing nature to play a significant part in the daily activities of the family. The site of the project is a Victorian house located in a conservation area. Originally, the presence of the back garden in the house was minimal. View of the garden was limited, and the sole access to it was through a utility room located between the basement and the ground floors. The back garden was excavated and the basement floor extended into it, to accommodate a new lounge to act as a sort of transitional space, combining qualities of indoors and outdoors. Originally, the basement floor consisted solely of a kitchen and a dining room. One of our... More

Project • By Taka ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House 1 + House 2

These two new homes house two generations of the same family (A renovated Victorian House for the parents sharing a rear garden with a new Mews house for one of the daughters). The now grown-up family had recently moved out of their long-term family home and wanted these new homes to maintain some sense of continuity with their former lives. Two intertwined themes run through both homes, those of memory and tectonic expression. The memories of the family are used as a conscious architectural driver throughout both houses. Their social rituals are given tangible form within the design of the new houses. Typical domestic objects are distorted in material and scale to form a psychological landscape specific to the occupants. The daught... More