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NewsNews • 23 Jul 2021

Museum of Art Pudong by Atelier Jean Nouvel imposes its presence through various shades of white

Imposing its presence through various shades of white, the Museum of Art Pudong by Ateliers Jean Nouvel hovers over the Huangpu River that flows by its Shanghai site. Clad with white granite stone, the monochromatic concept was inspired by the Suprematism abstract art movement and Mevich’s White on White (1918). Chen Hao Alongside the prominent white stone, the building features two large glass walls made up of energy-saving glass. The glass panels measure up to 12 meters and weigh up to 10 tonnes. The passing Huangu River is reflected in the glass. Chen Hao Two mirrored glass and LED display screens, one above the museum and one on top of the ventilation tower, are linked at night by laser beams that create intersecting l... More

NewsNews • 30 Jun 2021

Bayhouse by Studio Rick Joy responds to the local building vernacular while inventing an aesthetic of its own

Presenting a unique verticality, Bayhouse by Studio Rick Joy responds to the stormy and snowy weather conditions of the American northeast and reflects the local building tradition of large shed roofs while also inventing an aesthetic of its own.  Jeff Goldberg / ESTO The steep slate roof sheds rain and snow in the same way as the seventeenth-century wood-shingled houses of the area. The horizontal white-painted, clapboard wood siding typical of seaside homes in the area is however here reinterpreted as stacked white granite with hand-carved sloped windowsills and thresholds.  Jeff Goldberg / ESTO The ceiling on the interior follows the same form as the roof itself, sloping up toward two copper-lined belvederes –... More