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Project • By CHA:COLOffices

Roger TV

The client is a young, independent motion graphics and animation studio. They intended to move into a 5,000 sf warehouse and the design brief required it be transformed into a creative workplace. It also required a new partial floor (1,500 sf) to be added within.The existing shell was once a garment manufacturing warehouse with significant building, life safety and zoning issues. The design team additionally needed to work with a multitude of agencies in bringing up the warehouse to current land-use, building, fire, accessibility, energy and life safety code needs.The program brief required work areas for animators, producers, editors, conference rooms, new restrooms, a clear area for green screen mockup shoots, a pantry, a lounge and a fle... More

Project • By ACTINCOMMONOffices

Carmeq GmbH

For Carmeq, part of the Volkswagen Group, we have designed a workshop area and an adjoining lounge. Their employees wanted a flexible working environment which would boost their creative output and enable them to work in various constellations – a “creativity machine”. The idea was to design a flexible range of furniture that can be moved, re-arranged and set-up in various ways depending on the task and the number of people working together.Für die Carmeq GmbH haben wir einen Workshop Bereich mit angrenzender Lounge gestaltet. Der Wunsch der Mitarbeiter war es einen Ort zu haben, der ihrer Kreativität freien Lauf läßt und neue Ideen fördert – eine „Kreativ-Maschine“. Wir haben einen Multi-Funktions Raum gestaltet, der sich durch seine flexi... More

Project • By Il PrismaOffices


The innovative headquarters of Sorgenia are a part of a profound business transformation in which its spaces represent a new starting point. Our task was to mark the physical space with the strength and determination with which Sorgenia is reasserting itself on the free market of energy.It was important to strengthen the relationship between Sorgenia and its employees, this is why we worked on spaces that know how to trigger a strong link between the company and its staffers, where they can establish a real sense of belonging and pride. It is part of the desire of the brand to change and give its clients the possibility to do so as well, through the choice one of the core values that Sorgenia is built on which is also directed inw... More

Project • By Il PrismaOffices

Confindustria Moda

What would Mr. Nicky say today if he were to visit what was then his home, and also his building, to find that it had become something else?A lot has changed since the 40s, when that audacious and revolutionary man came back to Italy from Egypt with the desire to create something memorable, and founded NICKY, the brand that today is still one of the most authoritative in the world of ties. Creativity, careful research, valuable textiles and craftsmanship expertise that brought excellency, elegance, and prestige recognized in the whole world to the garment…It could be the reinterpretation of the success of Nicky Chini, or perhaps what the new headquarters of CM represent today, founded right here where the famous brand of ties and perfumes w... More

Project • By InteractionOffices


Sector: Financial ServicesSize: 15,000 sq ftThe Vision:To truly enhance their new workplace, the SunLife team wanted a “wow-factor” design. This interior office design brief therefore revolved around creating a unique and modern space, which would also be sympathetic to the building’s traditional use as a soap and vinegar warehouse and it's location on Bristol's waterfront.The Result:The finished result is a modern two-floor space that utilises clean lines and one-of-a-kind touches. To ensure the design harked back to the building’s heritage and waterfront location, the creative minds at Interaction sourced and integrated retro soap advertisements, rustic brick-effect walls, a shipping telegraph and ship wheel.Standing out when co... More

Product • By HUMANSCALEM/Connect


M/Connect is the first docking station to integrate ergonomic comfort with technology and high-speed efficiency. A powerful workspace connectivity hub, it offers a total of six USB ports, including one upstream port and two with super charge capabilities.M/Connect provides universal connectivity with a small footprint. Designed to eliminate desktop clutter, it offers easy access to active ports and conceals permanent connections and cords with its unique cable management system. Peripheral accommodations are on the front, including USB display port and audio connections, while the rear ports accommodate permanent connections such as ethernet, HDMI, and external monitors.The versatility and interchangeability between ports makes M/Connect an... More

Project • By Cera Stribley ArchitectsOffices

CS-A Office

In the Conway Building built in 1914 on the Chapel Street Strip, Cera Stribley Architects set up shop in one of the studios in the old department store. As custodians of this grand studio space, the team has embraced the buildings character, with its lofty ceilings, elaborate cornices and decorative flooring.Respecting the buildings existing structure, the team has sensitively designed the fit out as freestanding furniture built to install as joinery and if ever removed will not interfere with the existing building shell, including the open plan kitchen which hosts daily team lunches as well as ‘round table’ discussions and presentations. The parquetry floor and the decorative ceilings have been not just embraced but highlighted with the op... More

Product • By KnightsbridgeDizzi Lounge Chair

Dizzi Lounge Chair

Dizzi’s sweeping upholstery curves cradle you in comfort, with a seemingly simple form that is both welcoming and joyful. The wood frames of Dizzi create wonderful shadow lines with unique radiused frame joints. High quality details also include double top stitching on all upholstery seams.Dizzi’s designer, Alys Bryan, has established herself as an independent designer, having ten years of experience designing contract furniture in both the workplace and hospitality sectors. As an upholstery specialist, through a process of thoughtful material selection, combined with lean manufacturing principles, Alys’ signature design style yields pieces that mix timeless elegance with a modern twist and her passion for Mid-century design often sneaks in... More

Project • By Intro ArquitecturaOffices


Valuar has become a strategic partner of many of Argentina´s most renowned companies in the recruitment of executives for their top management and key position. The team desired a motivating and elegant environment with open space, private rooms and meeting rooms, so the designers responded with a simple concept which plays with boundaries.There is a multitude of interactions in everyday life; between people and things, things and spaces, inside and outside. Blurring, erasing, or slightly shifting the lines between these boundaries can challenge and loosen our preconceptions, giving rise to new spaces.If one takes a closer look at the gaps between two differing materials, metal frames and plants, it becomes apparent that there are no clear-... More

Project • By KrageljOffices


Prva Group is an insurance holding based in Ljubljana, Slovenia which owns and manages five subsidiary companies in the Balkan region. Kragelj was approached by Prva’s representatives to lead a workplace design project for their new headquarters building in Ljubljana. The primary challenge for the project was to design a work environment that promotes connectivity and collaboration within different departments. Therefore, every aspect of this project was carefully planned and executed with the goal to boost the team's morale and productivity. We also needed to design a floor layout that was flexible enough to support the team expansion in the next few years. To execute these wishes we all office spaces on one floor and tore down most of the... More

Project • By KrageljOffices


Grey Ljubljana, a part of the 1917-established global network, has blossomed into a full-scale advertising agency since its 1996 founding. Their fast and steady growth called for much-needed changes in their work environment.A suboptimal and often chaotic workspace spurred their search for new offices, with Grey contacting Kragelj’s client Impakta to inquire about their excellent design. Impakta's recommendation fueled a working relationship, with Kragelj assisting Grey with final decisions about most optimal location for their needs.In the next step, Kragelj helped Grey negotiate with the landlord, sending much of the costs for both renovation and fit-out for the 517 m2 office space to the building owners... More

Project • By Il PrismaOffices

econocom village

Today, designing a physical space for a Company engaged in the field of innovation and digital transformation allowed to Il Prisma to realize a place that is able to tell the change-taking place.   There are lots of signals that confirmed the interest of digital smart applications, and the story of the design of Econocom Village redefines the relationship between physical reality and digital world. This innovative project marks a new boundary between highly evolved digital environment and physical universe.   Inside the campus “La Forgiatura”, Il Prisma designed the architecture of the inner spaces of five buildings, by interpreting employees and guests needs. The offices are just one of the many places where to wo... More

Project • By KrageljOffices

Impakta Workplace Design

Kragelj was hired to design a new office for Impakta in the upper floor of a recently built office building in southwest Ljubljana, responding to Impakta’s vision to create a flexible, vibrant, and productive workspace for the international trade and engineering group of companies.Impakta’s decision to move their offices to smaller yet brand new and modern workspaces in their own commercial complex Imparo, originated with their holding and sister companies’ gradual downsizing. With relocation, they could bring their daughter companies under a single roof for lower costs and better synergies, whilst fuelling a collaborative and modern layout for enhanced business performance.Our workplace design portfolio, including Si.mobil, KMAG&... More

Project • By WorkplaceOffices

The greenest office

Biophilic trend is effectively changing offices to full-natural work environments. In Gdynia, we created an architectural concept based on greenery in the headquarters of fast-growing fintech company. A real workspace, which is probably the greenest office in the world.   The uniqueness of the natural environment lies in its freedom and harmony, which then influence our mental comfort. Could the environment in which we work be like this?   Imagine a workplace that supports productivity, stimulates creativity and takes care of our well-being. Places with plenty of vegetation and natural elements have a positive effect on creativity, work efficiency, motivation and stress reduction. We asked ourselves the question: “How co... More

Project • By WorkplaceOffices

Home-like office for Allegro

Home is a place where we return to. It gives us positive feelings, making us want to spend our time there. It is a place where we perform our daily duties, such as cooking, but above all else, it's where we relax. We share it with our loved ones, and is a warm place that we invite our friends and acquaintances to.On the other hand, an office connotes with a cold, uninviting space. It's a labyrinth of long corridors with no natural lighting, bland offices with unpleasant fluorescent light and noise, and unfamiliar co-workers hidden behind closed doors. Is this the kind of place where we enjoy working? Is this the kind of place we want to return to?What if the office could look and feel more like home? What if we use different finish material... More