Joe Battle
Joe Battle

Joe Battle

Designer from Houston, United States
Personal Profile:
• Experience in project management and especially new sector design.
• Production in the studio and marketplace
• Guide, teach, and oversee unified business teams.
Positioned as Senior Leader:
• Lead a seasoned team managing all aspects of innovative projects.
• Achieve predefined mission results.
• Meet contemporary technical quality expectations.
• Deliver projects on time and within budget.
Professional Goals:
• Team up with workers, management, strategist, and peers to form an integrated business unit.
• Build unified, engaging, memorable, concept-driven designs; for proposals, and in the pipeline projects.
• Impact new clients through cohesive campaigns Personal Vision: A leader who owns the responsibility to execute or implement company plans.
• Mentor, inspire, and direct teams, to guide projects from theory, through start up and growth, to profitability.
• Work with strategist, project managers and technology partners to ensure creative concepts and execution meet trademark standards and established business objectives.
• Oversee critical tasks of research, inventory management, manufacturing, distribution, human resources, IT, marketing and sales.
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