Koen Dries

Koen Dries

Sales from Zoersel, Belgium
I'm the marketing guru at ANYWAYdoors and I'm quite obsessed with knowledge and insights related to online marketing and social media.

I’m also the designated photographer at ANYWAYdoors. The photography bug got a hold on me around 2014. By doing this myself, It takes my mind away from day to day task but also keeps me involved with our clients. It’s also a good accelerator for fresh content that frequently needs to be distributed to our websites.

ANYWAYdoors is a local B2C focussed brand

Anyway is a family owned business and was founded on April 1th in 1995. I entered the business mid-2004. At the start I was purely focussed on sales but around 2008 I started working on online presence and the associated marketing. After building up a nice track record with various websites and social media channels to prove that online was the way to go forward, I became responsible for all marketing related tasks. My parents are the initial founders and both still active in the company.

PORTAPIVOT is an international B2B focussed brand

Portapivot is created and engineered as our answer to continuous international requests for our products. Anyway is focussed exclusively on the local market in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg.

Various international awards have put Anyway’ s products in the spotlight all over the world. A marketing dream come true, but for a manufacturer of custom-made and fully finished products, this created quite the challenge in regards to fulfilling these requests.

Portapivot is designed as a B2B e-commerce platform that offers its products as a custom-made, self-assembly kit, designed for interior professionals with international shipping.
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