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Manufacturer from UK
Mirrl ® is a solid surface material created in Glasgow, Scotland, through a unique process involving layers of tinted resin in different tones or colours onto Birch plywood.

We custom make Mirrl to order in small batches in our workshop, using a technique inspired by Japanese lacquerware from the island of Hokkaido.

Mirrl is suitable for interior and exterior use, is highly resilient and very easy to clean, maintain and repair. Because of its versatility Mirrl is well suited to many uses, including, but not limited to:
• domestic kitchen surfaces
• bathroom surfaces
• bar tops
• restaurant table tops
• furniture
• exterior wall cladding.

Mirrl is not limited to flat sheets - it can be used in many ways – and we can provide sheets in different dimensions to the standard size (1200 x 2420mm). We have an experienced in-house build team: please just get in touch to discuss any special orders: www.mirrl.com hello@mirrl.com mirrl_ltd