About Case Furniture Established in London in 2006 Case is dedicated to delivering excellent design at good value. Working with world renowned award winning designers, Case is a vanguard of creativity and creates modern furniture with integrity and character. With an exemplary attention to detail, the highest standards and never compromising on quality, we combine cutting edge technology and advanced manufacturing techniques to make the best design accessible to the mass market. Designers The people behind the products are world renowned, award winning designers who share our values for quality materials, attention to details and timeless aesthetic. By marrying good designers and manufacturing processes, we strive to make great design that improves the way we live. The aim is to create something new and forward thinking that people want to live with for many years. To us, design is about making beautiful and functional products which are built to last. We combine quality, tradition and cutting edge technologies to make the works of designers like Matthew Hilton, Shin Azumi, Robin Day, Marina Bautier and David Irwin available to a wide audience.
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