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The continuous search for quality is a fundamental value for Starpool. This is the reason why the company intends to further strengthen its engagement with a specific responsibility. Since 2008 Starpool has adopted a system of quality management according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. . The system aims to manage as best as possible the main business processes, from design to coordination with raw materials suppliers; from tests and inspections of incoming and outgoing materials to installation of production processes; from technical assistance to after-sales service; and from order management to the attention paid to customer needs to ensure full customer satisfaction at anytime.
The adopted quality management system has been certified by the independent international organization Moody International, a leading global organizations in certification of management systems, training and technical instruction, technical/operational qualification, inspection services and industrial expediting services. Moody International’s operational methodology uses careful and rigorous means to verify the adequacy of business processes, regulatory reference standards and their relative improvement. Starpool’s commitment in the proper management of a quality system expresses the innovative concept of a way of doing business never being an end in itself, but something linked to accountability and transparency that the company has always shown in human and social relations.
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