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Proyecto • By COAST Company B.V.Centros de Deportes

Sportscenter - Personal Fitness Center

A DYNAMIC SPORTS TEMPLE:In Zaandam (N-H) we are developing a new sports complex that includes fitness, spinning, boxing lessons and physiotherapy. Our dynamic design is characterized by diagonal lines and symbolizes movement and activity. The robust design is largely made of metal and has a metal facade finish in two colours. The interior is characterized by a sturdy palette of colors and sleek light lines. “The design results in a dynamic and future-proof building.”DESIGN:The composition of the design is made of two volumes. One volume contains the supportive functions like the dressing rooms, physiotherapy, office, canteen, and a bar for relaxing. The other contains a fitnessarea and group rooms for spinning and boxing. We ha... Más

Proyecto • By Spaces Architects @ kaCasas Privadas

6 x 18 Slender House

The core concept driving Slender House was to punctuate the house with staggered cut-outs and strategically placed skylights. Despite the modest footprint, these design elements breathe life into the home, infusing it with light, air, and a sense of openness. The architects embraced the idea of sacrificing total floor area to create a space that resonated deeply with the client's lifestyle. Bharat Aggarwal Bharat Aggarwal Bharat Aggarwal Bharat Aggarwal At the heart of Slender House is the desire to foster connections among family members. Each cut-out and skylight serves a dual purpose, not just illuminating the space but also creating moments of interaction. Whether it's a shared glance from one floor to another or a... Más

Proyecto • By Lorenz AteliersOficinas


Instead of a land-intensive expansion of the BORA sites in Niederndorf, LORENZATELIERS convinced our client with a compact densification of the already developed areas near the banks of the Inn. This keeps land use low and optimizes operational processes between the two existing buildings. With up to 20m long connecting bridges to the existing AT I/II buildings, the new AT III building forms a "company campus" with short distances. The lowering of the site level around the new building by means of two green "cut walls" and the preservation or replanting of the tree lined along the Innstrasse also embed the building in a park-like environment. Christian Flatscher Office space is planned for the 5 above-ground floors, which will be avai... Más

Proyecto • By WIP ArchitettiOficinas

AXA Florence

WiP conducted the renovation of the new Axa offices in Florence, in the Novoli area, within the new real estate complex San Donato. The project involved merging two originally commercially designated property units located on two different levels. Stéphane Giraudeau The office boasts spacious areas that accommodate open spaces with multiple workstations, as well as more secluded zones suitable for activities requiring greater isolation. Stéphane Giraudeau The office's communal spaces flow seamlessly and continuously, maintaining defined and autonomously equipped functional areas. In this way, even in a compact environment, the workspace is organized, allowing everyone to enjoy tranquility and focus. Stéph... Más

Proyecto • By WIP ArchitettiCentros de Deportes

Maritano Sports Center

In 2015, WiP's Architecture department was commissioned to redevelop the Maritano Sports Center in San Donato Milanese, owned by the municipality. The project involved functional and system adjustments aimed at enhancing the center's activities and strengthening its sports and recreational offerings. WIP Architetti The new Ice Arena features a structure made of laminated wood and low-impact ecological steel, thanks to the installation of a 60 kWp photovoltaic system. The polycarbonate envelope creates an intriguing play of lights at night, revealing the profile of the laminated wood hut inside. WIP Architetti On the other hand, the traditional bowling alley hosts various sports activities (dry gymnastics as a preparation for ska... Más

Proyecto • By Dmt architectsCasas Privadas

Green Park Residence

Green Park Residence is nestled next to a public park and is designed to harmonize with its peaceful natural setting. Incorporating two courtyards that seem to extend into the park, it provides a feeling of continuity and creates a gentle transition between private areas and shared spaces. The layout of the residence is planned to flow naturally across the property, organically connecting all spaces with each other and incorporating the entire structure to its surroundings as a whole. Apostolos Arsenis Living areas are linked to a central hub intended for family gatherings. Located at the very center of the house, this area acts as the heart of the residence and aims to provide an atmoshpere that encourages togetherness. It consists o... Más

Proyecto • By ArchiworkshopCentros de Exposiciones

Floating keystone for Gwangju Biennale

The Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall transcends its role as a mere venue for art display, strategically designed to operate as a global cultural nexus by fostering connectivity and active engagement with the local community. Caption Caption Caption It accentuates the integration of the Biennale Matrix with the urban landscape, orchestrating a seamless assimilation with the surrounding environs and natural topography. This involves the assimilation of architectural elements into the terrain and the augmentation of accessibility through diverse modes of transportation and pedestrian pathways. Caption Caption Caption There is a deliberate emphasis on the optimization of public spaces. The environs of the exhibit... Más

Proyecto • By The Bradley ProjectsUniversidades

The Boyd House

Working closely with Fisk University, The Bradley Projects, serving as Architect of Record, and Certified Construction Services as General Contractor, worked to restore the campus’s historic Boyd House. As a historically Black university (HBCU), Fisk continually utilizes campus buildings and spaces to their full potential while simultaneously taking great care to preserve the history and culture of the institution.  Ford Photographs Ford Photographs The Boyd House exemplifies this approach; the building was originally the home of the Boyd Family, a prominent African-American family in Nashville. The Boyd Family made numerous contributions to the city, including the establishment of R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation in 1... Más

Proyecto • By The Bradley ProjectsRestaurantes

Ophelia's Pizza + Bar

Ophelia’s Pizza + Bar is a 2,700-square-foot neo-Italian, lounge, restaurant, bar, and neighborhood-gathering space located in the heart of Nashville’s evolving financial district. Serving as both the Architect of Record and General Contractor, The Bradley Projects and Certified Construction Services brought this project to life.  Ford Photographs Ford Photographs The project reuses the existing retail area at the base of the historical L&C Building and transforms it into a modern yet comfortable and familiar space. An intimate restaurant that celebrates the tradition of Italian dining, Ophelia’s seamlessly blends into downtown Nashville's quickly transforming high-end entertainment areas.  Ford... Más

Proyecto • By Studio IAADApartamentos

Conscient One

Designed for Conscient Infrastructure Private Limited, Conscient One is a mixed-use space that brings together retail, workspaces, and serviced apartments, all towards creating aesthetics that seamlessly adapt to its context. The clients wanted a luxurious, high-end look on a restricted budget – a challenge that transcended into an opportunity. A thoughtfully curated material palette, refined yet simple finishes, and punctuating spaces with artwork helped achieve the same.  Andre Fanthome Andre Fanthome The brief stipulated by the client outlined the designing of the lobby space and all serviced apartments. The design vocabulary of the 50,347 sq ft building aims to embody the brand's ethos in a welcoming, unique, and c... Más

Proyecto • By Int Hab architecture + design StudioCasas Privadas

Jodi Mane

The site is in the hot and humid city of Mangalore, Karnataka, India. It experiences monsoon for over 4 to 5 months in a year. The project is designed to have two houses within the compound and is built in a site size of 15 cents. The built form incorporates the needs of an extended family of two siblings. The linear house is designed for the brother and his family along with his parents. An architect by profession, he has also included a studio space in the upper floors. The second house is designed for the sister, who along with her husband are doctors by profession.  Shamanth Patil Photography Shamanth Patil Photography Shamanth Patil Photography Shamanth Patil Photography The site is trapezoidal in shape, with... Más

Proyecto • By Antony Gibbon DesignsHoteles

A-F3 Treehouse

1 bedroom treehouse with kitchen, bathroom and lounge area. The bedroom is located on the top floor accessed by a ladder. Exterior cladding in charred timber and a various options available for the window/door openings to suit each location and your budget.  Caption Caption Caption Caption Más

Proyecto • By TA Landscape ArchitectureOficinas

TA Design Studio

Our motto is "Thinking Nature, Designing Architecture". This is the place for us to make our work happen. The 120 m2 space is divided into two parts: inside and outside. From the entrance, guests will immediately access the meeting space shaped by a long black sofa and small leather chairs randomly placed around a small round table. This layout creates intimacy and closeness between customers and staff during discussions, helping customers not to be overwhelmed even when they first arrive. Hiroyuki Oki Hiroyuki Oki Hiroyuki Oki Hiroyuki Oki To the right of this space is the main meeting room, separated by transparent glass doors. When opening all the doors, the meeting room and meeting space will become one continuous... Más

Proyecto • By Cedrus StudioCasas Privadas

Rost Villa

When we live in a city like Tehran, with a population of around 9.5 million, we belong to a large metropolitan area. Simultaneously, we need a sense of belonging to a cozy, peaceful, and independent place called home. The experience dose of coziness and freedom in the usual houses in Tehran is so slight that it often leads people to build settlements in more natural environments around Tehran. Parviz Seddigh Ehsan Danandeh Despite the project location on the slopes of Alborz and the Damavand mount, there is practically no view of the surrounding mountain scenery. The sky is the first and most unique natural element in the eyes of any visitor from Tehran. Therefore, the idea of drawing in and framing the sky originated. The form a... Más

Proyecto • By Fuse ArchitectsOficinas

Big Blue

Located on the outskirts of Western Sydney, Big Blue comprises two office & warehouse units developed for light industrial activity, storage, and distribution. Big Blue adopts and refines the standard functional warehouse plan of its neighbours through the practical uses of volume, colour, and material, ultimately shaping an asymmetrical structure that transforms across the course of a day. It is a space that prioritizes function without sacrificing presence, one where the solid meets the fused, the vertical meets the horizontal, and the vibrant meets the elemental. Sara Vita Photography Sara Vita Photography The building is split in three: office, parking, warehouse. The generous office mezzanine volume is wrapped in polycar... Más