The collective title 3deluxe connotes an interdisciplinary team of about 30 individuals from the fields of architecture and interior design, communication and graphic design as well as motion and web design. On the basis of this broad spectrum of specialist knowledge, 3deluxe devises holistic design solutions that boast a coherent aesthetics and range from graphic identities to media installations to architecture. Alongside joint interdisciplinary projects the three specialised creative divisions of 3deluxe work independently in the following functional fields: 3deluxe in/exterior – Specialised in interior design and architecture, headed by Dieter Brell and Peter Seipp. For a long time, the organically inspired visual idiom of 3deluxe in/exterior has proven to be an international style icon. Inspired by a new perspective that challenges the dualism of nature and artificiality, 3deluxe’s spatial works reflect social and cultural tendencies and, at the same time, present visions for the future. (Interior) architecture is not understood as a static structure, but as a multifaceted, changeable system that allows for ever new spatial perspectives. This concept, called ‘multilayered atmospheres’, was impressively realised in the design of various international award-winning projects such as the staging of the multimedia theme world ‘scape’ at Expo 2000, the futuristic design of the ‘Cocoon Club’ for star DJ Sven Väth, the ‘Leonardo Glass Cube’ corporate architecture and the redesign of Frankfurt’s ‘Zeilgalerie’. 3deluxe graphics – Development of graphic identities and brand communication under the direction of Andreas and Stephan Lauhoff. 3deluxe motion – Conception of filmic and interactive brand and product presentations. Established in 2005 as a collaboration between Andreas and Stephan Lauhoff and Sascha Koeth.
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Schwalbacher Str. 74, Wiesbaden, Germany