The architecture of 4a is characterized by its intense involvement with the emotional effects of space. The aim is to create buildings with a special atmosphere which convey a sense of well-being. Our plans are therefore always geared towards people and their needs. Added to this is the need to create a functional, long-lasting while at the same time aesthetically pleasing building. The basis for this approach is the incorporation of the history and culture of the location together with the requirements of the client and the users of the building. Equally central to the design are an ongoing dialogue and even-handed experimentation with the elements of space, material, colour, light and graphics. By allowing these aspects to guide the design process, individual approaches to a solution can be developed, giving rise to buildings with an independent character without the need to resort to any existing typologies. What results is a coherent concept that does not embody any one given style but which captures in detail the essence and special character of the task in hand.
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