BDP Quadrangle designs for the good of clients and communities.

BDP Quadrangle is one of Canada’s leading architecture, design and urbanism practices. Based in Toronto, Canada, our expertise spans designing for the full spectrum of the built environment including mixed-use, residential, workplace, retail, transit, media, education and health.

We are the North American headquarters of BDP, which was founded in 1961 in the UK as an interdisciplinary design resource. Today, BDP comprises 1,300 people, operating from local studios across three continents. Transcending its growth, the studio’s philosophy has remained the same: to work as a multidisciplinary collective, applying knowledge and expertise to create ambitious projects at every scale.

Quadrangle, a 35-year old practice well-known in North America for its design, business sense and integrity, joined BDP in 2019 and became BDP Quadrangle in 2020. Our 200-person studio strives to create places that foster wellbeing, inclusivity and sustainable futures.

BDP Quadrangle オフィス
BDP Quadrangle
Toronto, ON, Canada