LUKSTUDIO is a multi-disciplinary design practice founded by Christina Luk in 2011. We believe that architecture and design should be more than ostentatious aesthetics. While creating extraordinary spaces and making beautiful details are important, our ultimate goals are to improve the physical and social environments with sensible and thorough design solutions. We are proud to set our foot in China because protecting these design ideals are particularly relevant in this fast-growing world where speed overtakes everything. We discover and develop each project's identity and beauty by solving the following questions: - What should be the design intents? - What are the socioeconomic issues involved? - How to compliment/ react to the site context? - How to maximize the design potential with the given constraints? - What are the conventions and innovations? - What local materials and methods are available and appropriate for use? - What could we do to maximize life costs savings? Every project is its unique journey and we are committed to realize our vision till the end. With our meticulous design sensibilities, innovative thinking and resourceful problem-solving, we aim to contribute to individual, communal and environmental wellbeings.
Lukstudio オフィス
Lukstudio changning district
+86 21 62416810
G/F, #49, lane 405 zhenning road, changning district, China