Founded in 1946, McKEON is a full line manufacturer of fire doors, fire shutters, fire curtains, smoke curtains, service doors and security grilles.


Our emphasis on special purpose fire doors systems has provided architects and design professionals with innovative, flexible solutions and product performance that is unprecedented in our industry. This product innovation includes horizontal fire shutters for protecting openings between floors, as well as vertical and side acting fire door systems that provide smoke and fire protection while allowing for code-compliant egress.


Extending from our leadership and throughout our company, every member of the McKEON team is trained and educated to provide exceptional fire doors solutions for our clients. Our team is precisely the reason behind every exceptional solution McKEON provides, and their combined decades of experience and education allow us to not only provide products that exceed our clients’ expectations and speak precisely to their needs, but also back those products with premier customer service and partnership throughout every project.

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