It's a great time to be alive! Your access to great design and authentic materials with the ability to connect directly to the people who make them means you can design your world your way. So who are we and why did we create the first DIY Peel+Stik real wood wall planks? We are design seekers just like you. and here is what we are passionate about…


Your walls have been neglected for far too long.

As the primary (ignored) feature of our homes and businesses, our walls are more than dividers of space—they are wonderful design opportunities. You deserve more options than paint and wallpaper. You deserve nature! Stikwood gives you the ability to bring real wood into your spaces. And not just any wood... real, reclaimed wood with deep history and beauty.


Let's Get Authentic.

Our peel and stick reclaimed and sustainable wood planks are a good first step in giving you the ability to transform your walls using authentic materials to create a space that is truly YOU, not just a box with your stuff in it. In a time when fakes are everywhere, and connections to real things are becomming scarce we want to bring you innovative products that are authentic, real, beautiful…cool.


Design for Everyone!

When creating Stikwood, it was important to us to that anyone could have fun and use it to express themselves. Something that was so easy everyone could do it with simple tools, and so beautiful that designers would seek it out. This lead us to develop the Peel+Stik installation method. It's simple, and anyone can do it.


Now that you know what we are passionate about, we can't wait to see what passions Stikwood will ignite in you. Have fun making!

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