From inside to outside, from object to landscape, Studio Arthur Casas’ creations are intrinsically connected in a horizontal scale. Dialogue is the key for conceiving projects that range from a chair to an urban plan, influenced by a spirit both modern and contemporary, Brazilian and cosmopolitan. The Studio works in several areas, including residential and commercial architecture, public competitions, interior and product design. Projects are guided by the quest for essential elements, from raw materials to refined details that showcase our concern with excellence in every scale. From our offices in São Paulo and New York, our team works in simultaneous projects in several countries. The Studio’s portfolio is internationally recognized by prestigious publishers such as Wallpaper, Interior Design, AD and Interni. Our increasing presence abroad includes built works in Tokyo, Paris and New York, or under construction, such as apartments, restaurants and private residences in China, Mexico, Uruguay and the United States. Graduated from São Paulo’s Mackenzie University in 1983, Arthur Casas is an architect and urban planner whose work has been appraised in Brazil for over two decades. Through a casual, yet elegant, vocabulary he rescues the innovative tradition of Brazilian Modernism. He built his career starting with interior and product design, gradually incorporating larger commissions. One of his strongest characteristics is to constantly reinvent his work through an intense dialogue with his team, guided by the qualities that gave his projects broad recognition. More than 40 architects, urban planners and designers are coordinated by Director Marília Pellegrini. She graduated from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and works for Studio Arthur Casas since 2006, with a large experience in high-end interior design. She managed some of the most acclaimed projects of the Studio, such as Urca, Ipanema and Copacabana apartments. Specialized teams work in different areas to ensure outstanding results in every phase of the project. Managed by professionals with long careers within the Studio, often for more than a decade, our teams are constantly building a common knowledge brought by different design fields and work in close touch with contractors, suppliers and craftsmen used to the high standards demanded by Studio Arthur Casas. Several prizes, such as the Retail Design Institute 2014 for Saraiva Bookstore and Interior Design Magazine Best of the Year 2012 for Mistral Wine Store, or the first place in architectural competitions, such as a new University Campus in Curitiba and the construction of the Brazilian Pavilion for Expo Milan 2015 attest the wide range of the Studio’s scope and the success obtained with this diversified work. This comprehensive list, made out of more than 200 projects just in the last 5 years, does not diminish the challenge of satisfying clients that expect more than excellence and quality: our common aim is to find inspiration through architecture and design. Our greatest pleasure is not translated by a collection of prizes and well-known publications but, above all, by the bonds created with clients that often become partners in the long-run, pushing our work to be in constant evolution.
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Studio Arthur Casas
Rua Itápolis, 818 - Pacaembu, São Paulo - SP, 01245-000, Brazil