We, Studio ETN, are an urban studio that specializes in urban residential design for urban people mostly in central Israel. We emphasized the importance of light design, natural and precise artificial light that will simulate natural light throughout the day. In addition to lighting it is of vast importance for us to utilize the limited urban space for storage and everything else that is needed in the residence. We believe that we must give each space its own statement by using anything from artwork to unique shades that will portray the tenants’ characters harmoniously. The space’s roots are important to us- the connection between materials, how they make you feel throughout the space, their acoustics and their overall aesthetic. Our studio is very experienced in finding technical solutions for joining materials in order to design the most aesthetic and distinctive space possible. This includes constructive details, custom carpentry and metal work, and anything else that will create a Utopian residential island that will suit the personal needs of the tenant.
Studio ETN オフィス
Studio ETN
Tel Aviv, Israel