vandaglas is an independent, industrial & project-based producer of high-quality insulating glass. For this purpose, (coated) glass components from renowned flat glass manufacturers are used. 

For the design of architectural facades with special facade glazing, the Vandaglas group can contribute a great deal of product knowledge and experience in the design phase. Specialized Vandaglas teams provide project management and other supporting logistics services. 

With its own production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and England, the Vandaglas group offers a wide range of facade glazing specialties:

- Flat or curved insulating glass, in XXL format, with a screen printing pattern or full-surface enamelled glass, fire-resistant glass, tempered and/or laminated safety glass.

- Façade systems including silicone-bonded structural glazing and the PLUG-IN system for fully glazed facades without posts.

- Custom glass for iconic façade glazing such as the bubble glass for the Prada Tokyo building.

 Our independence, our expertise, our people for your success!



An example of projects to which we have contributed can be found below in VMRG's Facades yearbook 2023.

Lab 42 Kantoor van Iersel Next Delft van der Valk Hoofddorp Superhub Meerstad Galapagos Central park Utrecht Upfield Jonas Q-residence Roofs Zalmhaven Museon Superhub Upfield

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