Wuxi Boweite Metal Co.,Ltd
Wuxi Boweite Metal Co.,Ltd
Wuxi Boweite Metal Co.,Ltd

Wuxi Boweite Metal Co.,Ltd

Wuxi Boweite Metal Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is an innovative global enterprise of artistic patterned metal products , with capacity of independent R&D ,Designing ,producing,sales ,drawing,detailing ,installation ,technical services ,cleaning , with aims to provide tailor-made services for high-end customers home and abroad.


Since its establishment ,we begin the value-added process of "texturing","embossing”​ or “hammering” with ordinary sheet metals including Stainless Steel, Copper, and Brass.The company has advanced equipment, modern factories and professional production team, with high precision and high quality product specifications: art pattern stainless steel/brass/copper sheets , won the national invention patent and utility model patent for product appearance. Product positioning in the high-end application, such as star hotel decoration, commercial buildings, facade, curtain wall,ceiling, elevator decoration, art decorative metal screens, art props, hotel furniture products, landscape and sculpture etc.


With professional experience and a high sense of responsibility, we will create a high-taste, non-corrosive art space for our customers, and making BWT Metal a luxury architecture decoration brand.


As we have grown, so have our capabilities.Boweite Metal now offers custom fabrication services for our products. Today we continue to add new products and services as our capabilities expand.

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