Archello Awards 2024 – Early Bird submissions ending April 30th
Chris Stowers for OMA

Archello Awards 2024 – Early Bird submissions ending April 30th

26 Apr 2024  •  ニュース  •  By Collin Anderson

The Archello Awards is an exhilarating and affordable global awards program celebrating the best architecture projects, the firms that designed them, and the best building products in the world.

Product Awards categories recognize the most innovative building materials on the market today ranging from facade cladding to floor finishes and interior doors, as well as products like light fixtures and office furniture. 

The Archello Awards 2024 program has expanded to include over 20 new Project Awards categories and recognize even more buildings realized around the world in the last two years. This second edition of the awards program is designed to highlight design and innovation across a wider range of project types. The new awards will now cover landscape and public space projects, buildings purpose-built for residential care, small-scale projects, as well as projects focused on the creative use of existing buildings: adaptive reuse, renovations, and extensions. 


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