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Our commitment to deliver you a complete line of high-performing roofing solutions has resulted in the development of the Elevate UltraPly TPO membrane. But what does TPO stands for? Simple, Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing membranes. They are among the fastest-growing commercial roofing products on the roofing market. And that’s no coincidence.

It is made from the incorporation of an ethylene-propylene rubber into a polypropylene matrix and produced with a polyester weft inserted reinforcement. This scrim-reinforced membrane combines the flexibility of rubber with the heat-weldability of a thermoplastic in a flexible sheet with excellent lay flat characteristics. Its success can therefore be attributed to a unique combination of features and benefits, which we have demonstrated since the early nineties all over the world in various low slope roofing applications.


Features and benefits


The UltraPly TPO roofing membrane is heat-reflective and energy-efficient. Its light-colored surface reflects the sunlight before it can be absorbed and converted into heat, eventually reducing the building's cooling costs in warm sunny climates. Its chlorine-free, non-halogenated and plasticizer-free formulation and hot-air welded seams contribute to the system's environmental friendliness. UltraPly TPO can also be easily recycled. Our TPO manufacturing facilities have received ISO 14001 certification, proof of our company's commitment to environmental management.


Superior durability

Our UltraPly TPO membrane has outstanding resistance to UV radiation and ozone, as well as strong resistance to fungi growth and common rooftop chemicals.


TPO simplified

We make TPO roofing installation easy. UltraPly TPO is available in a variety of widths up to 3.05 m providing fast, cost-effective coverage. It is a lightweight TPO membrane, offering a variety of installation options in both refurbishment and new build projects.


Hot-air welded seams

Heat-welded seams form a homogeneous bond by fusing the top and bottom sheets together, delivering consistent seam quality and high strength. The wide welding window of UltraPly TPO enables it to be installed year-round.


Compatible with green roof and solar roofs

Having successfully passed the EN 13948 test for resistance to root penetration, the UltraPly TPO membrane is ideal for extensive green roofing systems that use lightweight and low maintenance sedum vegetation. It can also be combined with any type of PV installation due to its reflectivity, high-temperature resistance and outstanding wear and tear resistance.




Are you planning to install a new roof or refurbish an existing roof? Do you want an accessible or non-accessible roof, a green roof, a roof with solar panels, a blue roof…? Elevate's UltraPly TPO roofing systems offer a variety of installation options to best meet the requirements of your project.



Membrane panels are loose laid over the substrate and mechanically attached with plates and fasteners in the seams of adjoining sheets. The sheets are heat-welded.



Membrane panels are fully adhered directly to an acceptable substrate using Elevate Bonding Adhesive.



Membrane is loosely laid over the substrate and held in place using approved ballast.


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