In Mocean Group, LLC

In Mocean Group, LLC

The Switzer Group
463 7th Avenue, New York, NY, USA | 地図を見ます
Colin Miller Photography

Echo Architectural Cast GlassNathan Allan Glass Studios
Reception Ceiling – Stretch Ceiling - GlossNewmat
Custom Reception DeskEvans and Paul
Area Carpet – Waffle Weave Banana SilkMarc Phillips Decorative Rugs
Tackable Walls – TAC PanelsRobin Reigi
Custom Graphic WallpaperRollout

Reception Ceiling – Stretch Ceiling - Gloss
Newmat さんの
Custom Reception Desk
Evans and Paul さんの
Area Carpet – Waffle Weave Banana Silk
Tackable Walls – TAC Panels
Robin Reigi さんの
Custom Graphic Wallpaper
Rollout さんの

In Mocean Group, LLC

The Switzer Group 建築家 として

In Mocean Group, a privately owned leader in swimwear design and manufacturing, worked with The Switzer Group to transform their relocated offices at 463 Seventh Avenue into a unique and branded showpiece for their swimwear and a highly functional production facility.


Various special elements were incorporated in order to achieve this including digital and art imagery reminiscent of water, the strategic insertion of a large skylight above the interconnecting, sculptural stair, and a custom reception desk made of Corian with soft undulating curves reminiscent of the ocean.The stretched, high gloss ceiling system gives acalming sense of the sea and the custom-made translucent, wavy glass wall displayed behind the reception area gives the sense of water. Earthy sand tones were selected for the flooring along with an aqua/blue palette and modern, nautically themed furniture.


The public showcase areas include the reception area, multiple showrooms and a generous roof garden ideal for entertaining. The light-filled interconnecting stair joins the two floors, and the back-of-house environment includes workstations, private offices, flexible collaborative spaces, and pattern and sewing rooms.