Mension showroom
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Mension showroom

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This showroom has been required by a smart home control company.

Per our client requirement, the showroom is structured as a residential project. The purpose was to organize this project as a real apartment in order to use the space not only to implement the smart home control system, but also to create many corners as possible to host the clients. The general feeling had to be relaxing as it would be in a house, still communication a professional sensation.

The space feature a cinema room a living room, a bar area, a bedroom with a small living corner. In addition to this an office area with a private meeting room, and a pantry area.

The style of the space is a mix of classical and contemporary influences. A very classical layout, with an enfilade of rooms, wooden panels on the walls, old style decoration for the curtains, matches more modern elements such as glass facades with black frames, simple white marble counter, white marble fire place total white colour on the walls, and contemporary style furniture. Main part of the furniture are from Marmo, an Italian furniture company.


The colour philosophy is very clear , on a neutral palette of white black and gray , we introduced some contrasting and cheering up colours, such as gold, petrol blue , purple … the result is a bright and clear space, interrupted by touches of strong colours, in the furniture, carpets , cabinets


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laminateflooring –Bolero Lamett
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smart home control system
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laminateflooring –Bolero
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