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製品情報 • にdooorFolding door with leatherette cladding

Folding door with leatherette cladding

Dooor's leatherette cladding collection allows doors and partitions to be dressed in fabrics that are easy to maintain, technically advanced, very stylish in terms of look, texture and colour.  From the silky, shimmering effects of AM STA and LE VI, to the textured effects of AM FIL and SP MAG, to the glamourous boldness of laminated and lacquered covers. Faux leathers lend character and uniqueness to Dooor systems and enhance their functionality. もっと見る

プロジェクト • にdooor事務所

Sala Riunioni a Empoli

Project by ACQ Studio, Florence In the irregular configuration of the meeting room of an historical Italian company, order is restored by the blue, acoustically isolated volume defined by a system of mobile Dooor partitions.  Filippo Maffei The nearly 30-metre wide corpus consists of 28 modules connected to each other permanently by means of fixing springs or by magnets, to create openings in the exhibition spots if necessary. Filippo Maffei Like a curtain, the doors invite you to enter a world of analogies and figures that refer to the best tradition of Italian pop design. The accents of Ettore Sottsass’s light briarwood alternate with the warm materiality of wood and pink granite. The use of the open or closed text... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にKAON line民家

White Echo

The name ‘White Echo’ embodies the essence of the residence, symbolizing the pristine white hue of the house and the incorporation of glass elements that evoke a captivating interplay of light and shadows. KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line Just as an echo reverberates and amplifies sound, ‘White Echo’ resonates as a harmonious fusion of modern architectural design and the serenity of nature’s beauty. KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line This title paints a picture of a sanctuary where... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にCTRL +民家

Casa AVG

In this project we found the opportunity to visually take advantage of the exterior, generate a sense of origin and frame each visual highlight that the stairs generate at the moment of transit; as a result, it is possible that the circulations generate an authentic character to where it is transited and what is visually perceived in each one. Horacio Virissimo Horacio Virissimo The relationship between the interior and exterior is fundamental to Casa AVG. In this case, it is sought that the relationship was not limited to include climatic conditions to generate an adequate temperature regulation. The fundamental objective of the project is to extend the uses of each area to the exterior in order to increase the space that it com... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にRodrigo Biavati Arquitetos Associadosお店

Saborella Cafe

With Brazilian roots but Italian wisdom, Saborella has been a reference since 1995 in the capital, serving high-quality artisanal ice creams. In 2014, the company approached the office to design its second store, now within a major shopping center in Brasília. Haruo Mikami Haruo Mikami Haruo Mikami The project was initially inspired by the model of European street cafes, which line the streets, providing contemplation of daily life while enjoying a cup of coffee. Thus, Saborella Café adopts this premise through a linear layout along the shopping square. Haruo Mikami Haruo Mikami The design seeks an elegant and timeless line, standing out for its narrow and functional structure, composed of two rows o... もっと見る


Istanbul Airport

Designed as a transportation hub, Istanbul Airport T1 is among the largest construction projects of the world. Custom designed unitized CWS , stick system CWS . dome skylight systems  and modular roof steel structure system with a vaulted ceiling , each being large spanning enclosures are developed in collaboration with teams of designers and engineers which was an intricate process due to design-build concept of the construction, FACADE DESIGN MANAGER IGAIRPORT もっと見る

プロジェクト • にKariouk Architects民家

Chelsea Hill House

Clearly delineating space for a single mother and her teenagers was a primary consideration for this relatively small home. Spaces had to be segregated without feeling choppy, while also maintaining an open, airy environment. Photolux Studio/Christian Lalonde Overlooking a beautiful river valley, the house was conceived as a simple masonry volume with the ground floor being dedicated exclusively to the teenagers with bedrooms, TV area and sports equipment storage. The second storey features all of the common living spaces, as well as the master bedroom and bathroom. The 2 levels are joined by the double-height entryway and hallway below, creating the illusion of the primary living level floating above the serene vista beyond. Photo... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にFrankFranco Architects民家


In the heart of creativity, where art becomes a way of life, lies an extraordinary residence that is itself a work of art. On a street aptly named Artist View Boulevard, nestled amidst the headwaters of the Humber River and with views of the distant escarpment, the home was designed for an art dealer, his family, and a sizable art collection. Scott Norsworthy At street view, the Artist View project corresponds with its surrounding community but distinguishes itself with a flanked entrance, encapsulating guests as they approach the front door. It’s here where the extraordinary details of the home begin to present themselves. Caption “We designed the Artist View project to have views of the exterior from every room. By... もっと見る
Master Plan - Aerial View
Main Entrance
"La Asamblea" - New Heart for the Colegio Americano
Administration Building
Library - Exterior View

プロジェクト • にARCHITEKTEN保育園

LIVING LEARNING LAB - First Place International Competition New Campus Colegio Americano de Quito

The vision of a vibrant school laboratory intertwines architecture and landscape, creating a distinctive learning environment and a community hub. The project's design is centered on a cohesive concept that links the school, nature, and the Puembo community, forming a diverse, inclusive, and dynamic educational setting. Caption Caption The project aims to establish a longitudinal connection with the ravine, occupying the longest stretch of land. This facilitates direct interaction with vegetation, panoramic views of the Eastern Cordillera, and a distant engagement with the Pichincha Volcano. Moreover, the campus is shielded from the noise of the Ruta Viva highway by a sound berm, a geotechnically crafted natural levee that modera... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にINI Design Studio文化センター

Aquatic Gallery at Science City, Ahmedabad

Project introduction: In this emerging environment of knowledge-driven economic growth, it is imperative to inculcate a scientific temper in the community. The Gujarat Council of Science City, established by the Government of Gujarat, has developed the Aquatic Gallery to realize this vision. This 5th generation facility, part of the sprawling 200 acres Ahmedabad Science city, is India’s largest and first planned public inland aquarium, catering to the vision of edutainment. Attracting more than 1 million people annually, the Gallery is designed to bridge the gap between formal science education and the community at large.  Vinay Panjwani, India Concept note: The design of the Aquatic Gallery is inspired by the intricate a... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にInspiral Architecture and Design Studiosレストラン

Luna Beach Club Bali

Sitting on the cliffside of Nyanyi Beach in Bali, this project delivered on the opportunity to create a standout destination for events, dining, arts, and holistic hedonism combined with playful relaxation, where unique iconic architecture overlooks the ocean. The master plan features a series of groundbreaking naturally inspired buildings that create a hub of activity that is conceived according to Fibonacci sequences that connect flow and movement throughout the property. Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios Central to the complex is the main beach club which appears as a vortex-like structure, built of bamboo and basalt which serves as the main restaurant area, and is covered with layers of woven shades to keep the interior com... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にUrbanNest Design Studio民家


Project Name: Visamo Total Area: 6500 sq. ft Project Location: Ahmedabad, India Photographer: Umang Shah Photography Styling Credits: Kanan Shah Design Team: Jhanavi Parikh Bhatt, Jugal Bhatt, Aakansha Dad, Arpita Shah Structural Consultants: JCE, Ahmedabad Structural & Civil Team: Jigish Parikh, Deep Parikh Umang Shah Umang Shah Unveiled In the heart of a verdant oasis teeming with rare avian life, Visamo emerges as an architectural abode and a transformative interior design project by UrbanNest Design Studio. Nestled near a densely vegetated area, this residential bungalow unfolds as a harmonious sanctuary for a multi-generational family of six, featuring elderly parents, a son, a daughter-in-law, a daughter, and the... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にLucia Manzano Arquiteturaアパート

Apartamento Baronesa

The Baronesa Apartment originally boasted a well-structured layout, featuring a spacious living room with a balcony, a master bedroom, and two additional bedrooms. The clients expressed their desire for a fully renovated kitchen, one that is luminous and expansive, capable of seamlessly integrating with the living room or being closed off as needed for daily activities. To fulfill this vision, we devised a sliding door that offers flexibility: it can be fully opened, recessed into the wall, or closed altogether. Maura Mello One of the primary challenges of this projvect centered around the living room's layout. Given the room's square shape, we opted for a double sofa that effectively divides the space into a TV area and a lounge, ens... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にINI Design Studioマスタープラン

The Belvedere Golf & Country Club at Shantigram

In bustling urban hubs, the quest for serene spots intensifies, that afford an escape from the daily grind. Clubs, with supporting amenities like pools, green areas, restaurants, and sports facilities, are refreshing retreats where families and friends gather in a healthy, enjoyable ambiance, in the lap of Nature. Amidst the city chaos, clubs offer revitalizing respite, where tranquillity reigns and urban stresses fade. INI Design Studio INI Design Studio The Belvedere Club, designed as the nucleus of the 564-acres sprawling Shantigram township, in Ahmedabad city, exemplifies architectural grace and refined leisure, seamlessly merging timeless design, contemporary functionality, and unparalleled comfort. Envisioned as the backdro... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にAT26 architects展示場

YIT sales point

This place is devoted to the presentation of the recent projects of developer YIT Slovakia to their clients. It combines the various meeting places and exhibition areas with samples of the materials used in the ongoing projects. Entering the showroom, you will meet a "pink box" with three meeting rooms and a passage directly before you. It is a main volume placed inside the historical context of Pradiareň 1900 building. Caption Caption This pink structure has variously shaped apertures combined with black-coated metal structures supporting the construction of the second level. The second level is accessible by the spiral stairway. The floor here is partly rotated 90° against the level under. It is also a bridge to the next,... もっと見る