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プロジェクト • にSicisバー

Lifestyle Suites Rome

Lifestyle Suites, a luxurious boutique hotel overlooking Piazza Navona in Rome, has recently opened its brand-new cocktail bar, designed by SICIS. An explosion of vibrant and richly shaded greens, the magic of backlit Vetrite* Onigem.  The opalescent slabs, in Green and Emerald tones, cover the bar counter, the back wall and part of the ceiling, placed on a structure with LED lights inside. Caption *Vetrite is the exclusive material patented by SICIS for interiors and exteriors. It is a laminated glass with a range of hundreds of different designs and finishes. It can be opaque, semiò-transparent, or backlit, and can be used as a wall or floor covering in interior spaces, furniture tops or lamps, stairs and railings, or... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にKAON lineアパート

IT Apartment

Our IT professional client's apartment furnishing project was designed to provide a comfortable and usable space tailored to his needs. To achieve this goal, we have created a clear and functional urban plan to organize the spaces in the right way. To make the best use of the space, we have chosen simple and refined furniture, which gives the space a clean and calm look. KAON line The main room is organized in a large and open space, which allows freedom of movement and easy access to every part of the space. The selected furniture is in warm shades and in a modern style, which gives a beautiful and elegant look. KAON line KAON line In this apartment, we have created a work environment with a large window, which offers nat... もっと見る

製品情報 • にVIDREPURNordic Collection

Nordic Collection

Nordic Collection  もっと見る

プロジェクト • にTogama民家


Nice project for a pool made with our model NIEBLA TIKAL 5X5, in the coast or Alicante.  The design of this pool together with our product makes a really nice place to stay during the summer time. All made with recycled glass. Sustainability and beauty together... The color blue of the water in the pool contrast with the green color of the mosaic. Also the mosaic is perfect for this kind of rounded pools.  TOGAMA TOGAMA TOGAMA TOGAMA もっと見る

プロジェクト • にAxolightホテル


Original Group celebrated the debut of its newly-enhanced signature property, Temptation Cancun Resort, during an eventful gala evening complete with a dazzling firework display. Caption In addition to the fun-filled event, attendees also had the opportunity to experience the newly-refreshed property. Envisioned by world-renowned designer Karim Rashid and talented Mexican architect Marcos Constandse, the new resort offers 430 guestrooms with public spaces that epitomize Rashid’s signature “sensual minimalism” style, inspired by the human body. The spectacular multi-million-dollar complete rebuild has already received numerous honors in the design industry, including recognition during the 2016 Construction & Engi... もっと見る