Lifestyle Suites Rome

A bar lit up by the gleams of onyx

Sicis メーカー として

Lifestyle Suites, a luxurious boutique hotel overlooking Piazza Navona in Rome, has recently opened its brand-new cocktail bar, designed by SICIS.

An explosion of vibrant and richly shaded greens, the magic of backlit Vetrite* Onigem.  The opalescent slabs, in Green and Emerald tones, cover the bar counter, the back wall and part of the ceiling, placed on a structure with LED lights inside.


*Vetrite is the exclusive material patented by SICIS for interiors and exteriors. It is a laminated glass with a range of hundreds of different designs and finishes. It can be opaque, semiò-transparent, or backlit, and can be used as a wall or floor covering in interior spaces, furniture tops or lamps, stairs and railings, or even for external facades.


The magic continues in the suites

Lifestyle Suites Rome has previously relied on us to decorate their splendid suites overlooking one of the most beautiful views of the city.
Themed rooms, each with its own mood and its colours, to which we have contributed to make them even more unique and luxurious with the application of our pixel mosaics in the bathrooms.


For the Royal Suite "Imperiale" we have created a fascinating artistic mosaic with coloured enamel tiles and gold inserts inspired by classical mythology, which gives the spacious shower a truly regal appearance.



For some of the Suites, the choice has fallen on designs from the iPix collection, particularly the Pavo Real in the iconic Blue shade already in the catalogue and an unprecedented custom beige shade.



In others, the corner of the whirlpool tub is adorned with the special Crystal lozenge tiles, in the Indonesia Dorè design.


The walls of the bathrooms in the Junior Suites are embellished with a custom mix of minimal glass mosaic, with warm and elegant colours that contribute to creating a refined and high-level atmosphere.



Sicis さんの SICIS Crystal collection, SICIS iPix collection, Vetrite Onigem
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