Archello Awards 2023 Longlist – Lighting of the Year

Archello Awards 2023 Longlist – Lighting of the Year

12 okt. 2023  •  Archello Awards  •  Archello

Archello Awards 2023 has revealed its longlist for Lighting of the Year. The longlists celebrate the very best architecture projects and building products selected from over 1,000 entries for the very first edition of our awards program. Lighting products represent an especially innovative category with 19 excellent products selected, introduced by manufacturers operating across the globe from Italy to the Netherlands and Poland. 


ALE 01 is a suspension lamp that offers multiple users adjustable options to follow. It follows changing lighting requirements over the course of the day, giving value to the perception and well-being of the individua...


Designed to be used at great heights and in wide spaces, the new Atria emergency luminaire has arrived to change the relation of form and volume with respect to what is habitually known on the market as high-power eme...


Nowodvorski Lighting
The CAMELEON system by is a modern lighting system. It's innovation consists in the possibility of adjusting and creating the individual compositions from the available components. The system consists of a range of la...


Gentle beauty, originating and echoing in nature, in its ability to multiply inendlessly new, spontaneous ways. The modular character of this collectioncombines the tradition of fine craftsmanship with a c...


“I find Ensō, the circle symbol, particularly fascinating for what it represents: enlightenment,completeness, everything and nothing. So an attempt to bring a three-dimensional character tothose brushstrokes...


Fost Large PET Felt Acoustic Lamp
De Vorm
Fost Large offers a combined solution for acoustics and illumination.The lamp comes with an impressive ø118 cm lampshade and aspheric LED module, casting high-quality, dimmable light. A boldri...


In-ground Linear Light
Clear Lighting
Luxpave™ in-ground lights bridge the gap between aesthetics and robustness. Designed to resist the tests of time and weather, it’s not just about the light; it’s about instilling confidence in every...


Elegance and purity of style characterise this set of suspension lamps named Koinè - both in reference to the Mandalaki design studio (Greekword meaning “clothespin”) and for its meaning of “s...


Koto System
Elco Lighting
An expansive line of recessed and decorative lighting products eminating from the versatile assortment of Koto 2


Libera System
Libera goes far beyond the concept of linear light thanks to compositional freedom enabling personalised interpretations. Ideal for any application setting, Libera integrates miniaturised optics with intelligent techn...


Lighting Systems
Fry Reglet
Lighting Systems specifically engineered for applications in drywall, wallcovering, and millwork applications. Profiles come in a wide range of colors. Choose from clear anodized, color anodized, or powder coat finish...


Unika Vaev
Moon, a globe-shaped acoustic lamp designed by Thomas Bernstrand provides high quality directed lighting with exceptional sound-absorption. Its shape and generous scale allow it to absorb a wide frequency range of amb...


O/M Light
Great things from small packages: introducing Octo, one of the smallest possible downlights. A tiny chameleon for any application, its advanced optics provide the perfect balance of almost-invisible integration and vi...


Reggiani Illuminazione
An ultra miniaturized system that seamlessly fits in every architectural space. Outline is the new micro track system that can house projectors, pendant lighting fixtures and linear lighting solutions. Where aesthetic...


Paralela, a modular system designed by the Spanish Nahtrang Studio, stemmed from a quest to lend shape to light so that the light itself becomes a tangible decorative luminous element...


B-K Lighting
The Rio LAZR is a 14.5-watt, line-voltage laser-source floodlight available in 6000K CCT and 120-277 VAC. The floodlight features a cool white beam that offers clarity and brightness, effectively illuminating with a l...


Stanley, journey beyond the stars   Capturing the mystery, power, an...


Tubs Modular
Tubs is a living system that forms a structural whole in the space, with shapes that conform to the architecture and its geometries. Its wide array of components allows you to create infinite combinations, both linear...


Volum is an exclusive series of glass lamps that are poetically simple yet complex in their technically execution. The four blown glass globes with glossy white finish come in different sizes measuring 14, 22, 29 and...