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project • Door LupettatelierAppartementen


Het appartement bevindt zich in een historische context van grote waarde: Villa Plinianina werd in 1855 gebouwd door de ingenieur Canzio Canzi. De villa is gelegen in het panorama van het Comomeer als een van de meest gevierde voorbeelden van eclectische architectuur in Venetiaanse neogotische stijl. Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Het appartement is het vakantiehuis van een jong en dynamisch stel dat Torno als hun plek heeft gekozen. Ze houden van varen en genieten van de rust van dit kleine paradijs dat aan de oever van het meer ligt en direct per boot bereikbaar is. Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Be... Meer

project • Door Alumil S.AHotels

ON Residence

A restaurant that is a landmark in the modern history of Thessaloniki, a renovation that gives a new life to the construction, and a brand new hotel overlooking the Thermaikos Gulf. These are the key ingredients of the revival of the historic Olympos Naoussa, a former Thessaloniki point of reference that aspires to attract the city's attention again. Caption Caption Caption Caption A key parameter in this new chapter is respect for the building's history and its connection to the present. According to the people of Divercity Architects, the architectural firm that undertook the design of the project, “the proposal attempts to restore and revive the original aura of Olympos Naoussa, from its establishment during th... Meer

project • Door UrbanusSociale woningbouw

Nantou Hybrid Building

Nantou, where a hidden millennia-old town and a vibrant urban village collide and integrate, has been simultaneously written in the grand national narrative of Shenzhen Hong Kong’s relationship while living the trivial daily life for over 20 years. In early 2016, URBANUS was invited to conduct a comprehensive spatial study of Nantou Old Town, a quintessential example of Shenzhen's urban and cultural heritage spanning various historical periods. Through historical documents and field research URBANUS developed a regeneration strategy focused on rejuvenating Nantou through incremental revitalization that impacts larger clusters with micro-scale interventions, as well as organizing cultural events. In 2017, URBANUS served as the curatori... Meer

project • Door dongqi DesignWinkels

lost in echo

dongqi Design has transformed the first floor of an old building on Anfu Road in Shanghai into a flexible and dynamic space for the brand “lost in echo.” Victor Marvillet Victor Marvillet Stemming from the intention to diminish the presence of the existing columns, the design introduces multiple rotatable mechanical triangular prism structure to freely enclose or define the space.  Victor Marvillet Victor Marvillet Victor Marvillet With careful consideration on proportion and functionality, the triangular prism has been divided into three parts vertically, with the middle section at eye levels that extends into arms of different length. From the top view, each arm can be rotated to any angle, offe... Meer

project • Door LupettatelierAppartementen


Een burgerlijk appartement in een rationalistisch gebouw aan het Piazza Sant'Ambrogio in Milaan dat dialogeert met verschillende tijdperken. Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman De primaire bedoeling van het project was om een onderscheid te maken tussen het woongedeelte en het slaapgedeelte, die zowel chromatisch als formeel van elkaar verschillen. Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman De sfeer in de woonkamer is metafysisch, de ronde bogen en vlakke achtergronden roepen tijdloze landschappen op. Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman Bij de ingang is het de baksteenkleur die de achterwand doordringt, die in plaa... Meer

project • Door scapelabSkateparken


1. Previous state The site was a dead-end of space on the lower level of the Fabiani Bridge in Ljubljana. The bridge runs on two levels, with a four-lane motorway on the upper level, and a pedestrian bridge on the lower level. The structural characteristics of the bridge formed a pocket of unused, untraversed space under the bridge. Soon after the opening of the bridge, this space became a gathering spot for illegal drug use, homeless sleeping (despite a homeless shelter operating less than 100m away), and crime. Caption Miran Kambič The bridge was built in a gap formed by a partial demolition of the complex of the former sugar factory, called Cukrarna. This partial demolition of the factory complex was urbanistically necessary... Meer

project • Door EvenbeeldParticuliere woningen


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the owners purchased this former multi-family dwelling without ever setting a foot inside. A dilapidated structure, yet with a charming facade; envisioning a complete renovation meant the building could be tailored entirely to their preferences. Evenbeeld Evenbeeld Location was also a non-issue: a southeast-facing urban garden with a view of a church, a walking park, and two beautiful old beech trees meant no concerns about rear neighbors. Evenbeeld Evenbeeld The two outdated apartments were transformed into a single-family home, crowned with an additional floor during the renovation. This not only harmonized with the streetscape but also provided the opportunity to opt... Meer

project • Door entre escalasParticuliere woningen

Casa Vila Mariana, Renovation and Expansion

Located in Vila Mariana, São Paulo, the townhouse had already undergone some recent transformations. In addition to the joining of two semi-detached houses to fulfill a home-studio program for a young artist, the previous renovation included structural reinforcements and improvements to the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. Pedro Kok Pedro Kok The studio is no longer in the house, and the new architectural project proposes a better integration of the house's internal environments, restructuring and proposing new structural reinforcements for new openings and also creating new relationships between the interior and exterior of the house, as well as allowing for better natural lighting and ventilation. Pedro Kok P... Meer

project • Door ALEXANDRE BERNIER ARCHITECTEParticuliere woningen

M House

M house is a transformation of a duplex into a single-family residence. The new owners, a couple with 3 childrens, have chosen to live in an urban, comfortable and friendly living environment. Maxime Brouillet Maxime Brouillet Maxime Brouillet Maxime Brouillet By observing the tumult of everyday life as well as the incessant back and forth driven by the energy of young children, the conceptual work of the project focused on the notion of threshold/limit. By using spatial difference and finishing materials, the project emphasizes the relationship between the opening/closing of spaces, the transition between interior/exterior, between one space and another, between the family/ personal, between the neighborhood/ family un... Meer

project • Door Studio ST ArchitectsAppartementen

Central Park West Penthouse

Studio ST Architects renoveerde een vooroorlogs penthouse appartement in Manhattan om onderdak te bieden aan een Aziatische familie met meerdere generaties en om het wijdse uitzicht op Central Park te benadrukken. Studio ST Architects werkte samen met interieurontwerper Atelier + Concept om een stijlvol en fris interieur te creëren dat "hoge" en "lage" kostenelementen mixt. Angela Hau & Alex Krauss De indeling van het appartement werd opnieuw geconfigureerd om een duidelijke en eenvoudige circulatie te creëren, waarbij de openbare ruimtes werden gescheiden van de drie slaapkamers en er een en-suite primaire badkamer werd gecreëerd. Er werd een nieuwe foyer geïntroduceerd - bekleed met antieke spiegels en De Gou... Meer

project • Door XBD CollectiveParticuliere woningen


Nestled along the shores of Palm Jumeirah, this Spanish-inspired villa, featuring four ensuite bedrooms, an additional guest bedroom, formal as well as family living and dining, a show kitchen, a bar, and an office with ensuite spread across 11,000 sq. ft., unfolds as a mesmerising blend of contemporary luxury and timeless elegance. Tasked with creating a tranquil haven for a discerning German couple, XBD Collective embarked on the delicate challenge of fusing their modern sensibilities with the villa's rich Spanish heritage. Caption Balancing Modern Perspectives and Spanish Heritage Envisioning arched volumes that pay homage to the villa's exterior, XBD crafted a breathtaking double-height arch across two floors, introducing a touch... Meer

project • Door Banker WireWoon landschap

Open Concept Staircase

A compartmentalized 1960s home was overdue for an update, and the team from Model Remodel got to designing the flow of the kitchen and main floor. The homeowners received a modernized kitchen, additional storage, and a repositioned basement stairway that is now a beautiful architectural feature. During discussions about traffic flow, it was determined that moving the stairs to the basement was a goal. This repositioning would make for easier access to the basement from anywhere on the first floor and make the living space feel bigger. The Banker Wire P-286 pattern in a bare brass material was paired with the custom walnut stairway for continuity. The stairway is now both an architectural feature and a custom shelving unit. Leaving the bras... Meer

project • Door Robert A.M. Stern ArchitectsUniversiteiten

Schwarzman Center

Yale’s Schwarzman Center transforms Carrère & Hastings’ historic Commons and three floors of the adjoining Memorial Hall—components of their 1901 Bicentennial Buildings—into a social hub for the university’s undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Capitalizing on its location at the geographic center of campus, the Schwarzman Center is dedicated to both cultural programming and student life, outfitted with state-of-the-art technology that enables virtual engagement with the Yale community away from campus, as well as with the broader public. © Francis Dzikowski/OTTO © Francis Dzikowski/OTTO © Francis Dzikowski/OTTO The renovations retain and restore the buil... Meer

project • Door RooviceParticuliere woningen

Higashihongō House

Higashihongō is one of the neighbourhoods in the north side of Yokohama City. The development of the residential area began during the 1960s with a multitude of two-storeys houses. After opening the nearby train line, a rapid increase in population forced the administration to heavily invest on new housing construction using quick and cheap modular lightweight metal structures. Akira Nakamura The result of it is an extended urban texture where every building is almost identical to the next one, and no real landmark stands out from the mass. The lack of exterior creativity induced the landowner to push the quality enhancement of the interior ambience. Akira Nakamura Higashihongō House is part of this development and was originall... Meer

project • Door T-FPWinkels

Upstanding coffee

Kiwoong Hong Kiwoong Hong ‘Shinheung-market’ is a place that was a symbol of reckless development in the past in ‘Haebangchon’, an old shabby neighbourhood in Seoul. We thought about how to build a space for a young coffee brand here and decided to apply new finishes while maintaining the original appearance rather than inserting a new structure and form into the space. The project started with the goal of telling a new story while respecting local and environmental contexts. Kiwoong Hong Caption Caption   Kiwoong Hong The space was very tight, and there were several structural and functional deficiencies as a commercial place. First of all, we cleared safety issues for people can... Meer