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NieuwsNieuws • 20 apr. 2023

Paleis Het Loo – underground extension by KAAN Architects fitted into baroque landscape

Onder het voorplein van Paleis Het Loo is afgelopen jaren een 5.000 m2 grote uitbreiding gerealiseerd naar ontwerp van KAAN Architecten. Deze ondergrondse uitbreiding biedt plaats aan een nieuw entreegebied en nieuwe zalen voor tijdelijke tentoonstellingen. Tegelijkertijd is het oude paleis gerestaureerd, en zijn hier en daar steviger ingrepen gedaan. Caption Het zeventiende-eeuwse paleis is eigenlijk maar een klein deel van een veel groter, barok landschapsontwerp, legt architect Dikkie Scipio van KAAN Architecten uit. Het zichtbare deel van dat landschap bestaat uit drie monumentale lanen die naar het paleis toelopen, een formeel entreeplein aan de voorzijde, een formele siertuin aan de achterzijde, en vervolgens verschillende vij... Meer

project • By bureau SLAKantoren

A11 Hembrug

‘’Repairs may be visible as scars of time’’ - Peter van Assche On a monumental enclave of former barracks, workspaces and ammunition storage on Het Hembrugterrein in Zaanstad a transformation occurs.  The 100-year-old workspace A11 for weapon repair is being transformed into residential- and working spaces at the initiative of a group of inspiring and creative people. The visible scars of the building that have arisen over the past century are embraced. A renovation based on valuable details such as the stepped brick corners, the brick arch above the windows and brick cill layer beneath. This shows the history of the building with its changes over the years. With the design only what is structurally necessary... Meer

NieuwsNieuws • 1 feb. 2023

Brixen Public Library unites historical buildings with new social spaces

Treviso-based architecture studio Carlana Mezzalira Pentimalli has completed the Brixen Public Library, tying together a collection of historic buildings in Brixen in the alpine Italian region of South Tyrol with a series of light filled social spaces. Marco Cappelletti The library, which was founded in 1984 to cater to the communities in the surrounding Isarco Valley, now houses over 36,000 books and needed a new site. The scheme ties together a disparate group of historic civic buildings – a courthouse, a prison and a treasury – with a bold new volume located near the town's main square, adjacent to its cathedral and Bishop's palace. Marco Cappelletti Marco Cappelletti Built using reinforced concrete... Meer

project • By COMA ArquitecturaWinkels

JL Store Madrid

Location: Sol District, Madrid Area: 1.314 m² Year: 2019 Promoter: Julián López SL Architecture: COMA Arquitectura Interior Design:  Juanjo Puig disseny d’espais Photographs: Adrià Goula Adrià Goula Refurbishment and unification of two premises as the 'Julián López' fabric store, which occupies four levels with more than 1,300 m2 in the heart of Madrid's Sol district. Through the respective strategic sections of fashion fabrics and patchwork, the premises are joined by a large space that is the protagonist on the ground floor, with a height of 5m and a central artificial skylight that provides zenithal lighting. Adrià Goula Adrià Goula All the sp... Meer

project • By COMA ArquitecturaKantoren

Coworking in Poblenou

Complete renovation of an office as an open and flexible coworking space. Large, diaphanous, illuminated and vegetated spaces, shared between three companies, with common rest and meeting areas. DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI DEL RIO BANI Team: Architects: COMA Arquitectura +  Juanjo Puig disseny d’espais + MIRAG Architecture Photographer: © DEL RIO BANI Caption Meer

project • By Guelo Nunes ArquiteturaParticuliere woningen

Pinheiros Residence

The original house had a nice layout and an interesting volumetry. On the other hand, the house still was in its original state, which happened in the 60s and needed an urgent transformation so that it could attend the new demands of the family and in its finishes to update the house to these days. Evelyn Müller In the ground floor the reorganization of the living room and the creation of a veranda were the most meaningful changes: now, the social area opens to the backyard, which was before isolated and forgotten. Evelyn Müller The dining room occupied the area where the gourmet is today and all the living looked only to where the swimming pool is today. When rearranging the social area, the living room took a better... Meer

project • By marasovic arhitektiKantoren

Office P8

The office P8 is part of a 5 story building that once accomodated just one company. After the company bankruptcy it was divided in smaller offices and sold. The floorplan of the whole story was an open space with no walls, the offices were divided just with office cabinets. All the installations were hidden in the floors or in the lowered ceiling. The office P8 is on the extreeme edge of the building, has windows on three sides and the view of the old city center and the sea. It was a perfect space for an architecture studio - our studio. Jaka Ivančič We removed the lowered ceiling, built the walls between the office P8 and other offices and replaced the old windows with new ones. We decided to leave the old parquet and the visible co... Meer

project • By Architecture CounselZiekenhuizen

HQ Toronto

HQ Toronto is a welcoming health centre in downtown where all gay/bisexual men, trans, and non-binary (GBTQ) people can receive comprehensive, holistic person-centred services that support their physical, sexual, mental, emotional, community, spiritual, and social well-being. Occupying more than 9,000 sq. ft. on the eighth floor of a heritage-designated building, originally designed as a commercial office space, this renovation/retrofit project is the first facility of its kind in Canada and positions our city as one of the leaders in this new model of holistic care. All great designs tell a story. For the Ontario HIV Treatment Network’s HQ Health Centre, Architecture Counsel was tasked with relating the story of gay/bisexual men, tr... Meer

NieuwsNieuws • 20 mei 2022

Merk X revitalizes Amsterdam Zoo natural history building that was closed for 75 years

The neoclassical building was built between 1850 and 1855 to a design by Johannes van Maurik as a natural history museum in addition to the Amsterdam zoo Artis. The upper galleries were the first museum rooms in the Netherlands. In 1947, financial problems forced the Groote Museum to close. Filip Dujardin Now, 75 years later, the museum opens its doors to the public again, after an extensive renovation by Merk X. Through the demolition of outbuildings, reconstruction and annexation, The Groote Museum is restored to its former glory. The gesture is reinforced by a public square in front, a design by landscape architect Michael van Gessel, that includes a new fountain and greenhouse. Filip Dujardin The design by Merk X restores th... Meer

NieuwsNieuws • 4 mei 2022

Herzog & de Meuron realizes first phase of Hotel Hermitage Luzern redesign

After four months of construction, Herzog & de Meuron completed the first phase of the Hotel Hermitage redesign of the reception, lobby, bar and 20 rooms. The hotel, located on the shoreline of lake Lucerne, recently reopened its doors in April. Paolo Abate The entrance renovation is conceived as a temporary pop-up space. The boldly red colored lobby intentionally resembles a large living room. The furniture upholstery and curtains give the space a theatrical note. Paolo Abate A long bar forms the backbone of the lobby and allows for a variety of activities throughout the day. Hotel guests can enjoy a drink with a view towards the Vierwaldstättersee. Paolo Abate 20 hotel rooms were redesigned as compact suites. Ea... Meer

project • By Gera Studio ArchitectsParticuliere woningen

Renovation of Amjad Villa

At first, we faced a ruined 100-year-old Building that only a few surrounding bearing brick walls and a basement was remained of it. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh Since the bearing walls had to be kept, we designed and used them in the same old shape. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh We formed an Important axis inside the building to connect the building to the garden. Then we applied this axis by placing a pool and TV room along it, also by creating a new roof with wooden beams remained from different parts of the old building. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh Due to the need of more space, we added a new floor including a bedroom, a terrace, a library and a small kitchen to the building. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh we paid special attenti... Meer

project • By Co Adaptive ArchitectureKantoren

The Mercury Store

Brooklyn-based architectural practice CO Adaptive Architecture has transformed a 12,700SF former metal foundry, previously used as offices, into The Mercury Store, a new, light-filled developmental space for theater artists. This adaptive reuse project updates and opens the original double A-frame, timber-and-brick building by repurposing removed elements as the basis for new architectural features. Wood is the project’s dominant material: old longleaf pine timber is reconstituted, while new insertions are made from cross-laminated timber (CLT), an innovative product that has a negative carbon footprint, compared to carbon-emitting materials like steel and concrete, therefore meeting CO Adaptive’s low-carbon design commitment. T... Meer

project • By YOOLOPP architecture&designParticuliere woningen


A Total renovation for an existing house, of a 75 square meters in size plus a balcony, in Hod Hasharon, Israel. Karin Ravena The existing house purchased by the customers included 2 bedrooms, half a room enclosed by a plasterboard partition, two kitchen spaces, a general bathroom, guest toilet and a balcony. It was clear that the existing division of the house as well as its condition at the time of purchase require a complete renovation in order to adapt it to the needs of the new tenants as well as to take care of many systems that were already old and damaged. Karin Ravena The tenants, a couple with a baby on the way, had some important points set as goals at the beginning of the planning process. A move to renovate as quick... Meer

project • By Space4Architecture (S4A)Particuliere woningen

Upper East Side Town house

INSPIRATION: The inspiration for this project was the concept of the loft, applied to the townhouse typology. Our client were used to live in a loft downtown and needed to move to an uptown townhouse. We wanted to give our client the feeling of living in a loft on multiple floor. The concept was to design a house with spaces flowing within floors and between floors without interruption. To emphasize our “open loft” design choice, we designed the rear with a glass curtain wall, overlooking the garden behind, allowing the inside to flow out. On the ground floor this glass wall separating the garden from the kitchen, lifts up entirely to literally make the house and garden one continuous Space. Michele Busiri-Vici UNIQUE PROP... Meer

project • By Space4Architecture (S4A)Appartementen

Duplex in Tribeca

This project is located on Canal Street in NYC, at the border between Soho and Tribeca. The space has beautiful views on the Hudson River, as well as the entire downtown Manhattan skyline. Beatrice Pediconi Beatrice Pediconi Our desire was to maintain the spatial openness of the original duplex while guaranteeing adequate privacy for our clients, a family of four with 2 young children. To take the most advantage of the city views, the program is thoughtfully distributed along the perimeter, collecting all storage and secondary items towards the inside of the apartment. On the lower floor the bedrooms and family area pivot around a central, compact storage volume. On the upper floor, the entry, living room, kitchen, and dining are... Meer