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Rain Kitchen Stools
Draper Lounge Chairs and Liam Marble Coffee Tables
Rain Outdoor Dining Chairs and Norfolk Dining Table
Rain Outdoor Sofa
Float Kitchen Dining Chairs

Project • By SataraHousing

Exon House Bayside Melbourne

Satara supplied high end luxury furniture to this exceptionally designed and built home More

Product • By Prostoria Ltd.Impression


The sofa series Impression incorporates elegance and comfort, at the same time. Low and slim armrests and backrest shape a gentle impression with curved inner parts for comfortable seating. Filigree but strong legs emphasize a fresh look. Delicate appearance is combined with a special detail on the armrests. An impression on each corner is repeated also on added cushions. The sofa comes also with open end modules, so that it can be combined in different composition.Die Sofa-Serie Impression vereint Eleganz und Komfort zugleich. Tiefe und schlanke Arm- und Rückenlehne profilieren eine sanfte Vertiefung mit geschwungenen Innenteilen für bequemes Sitzen. Filigrane aber kräftige Beine betonen das frische Aussehen. Graziles Erscheinungsbild wird... More

Product • By Prostoria Ltd.Oblikant collection


This derivation of Oblique family, regardless to the difference in technology and typology from its upholstered siblings, retains the characteristic S shaped profile of the chair. Strong curvature of the shell provides good ergonomics which is further highlighted by the elasticity obtained from this geometry. The shell is made of 2D molded plywood, combined with 6 versions of steel legs of which 4 are stackable, and one solid wood base.Ungeachtet der Unterschiede in der Technologie und Typologie von seinen gepolsterten Geschwistern behält dieser Abkömmling der Oblique-Familie das charakteristische S-förmige Profil des Stuhls bei. Die starke Krümmung der Schale sorgt für eine gute Ergonomie, die durch die Elastizität dieser Geometrie noch un... More

Product • By Prostoria Ltd.Bik chair


Bik is the chair reduced to its basic elements; four legs, seat and a backrest. Barely visible decrease of width of the legs, frontward inclination of the back legs and slightly overstated curvature of the backrest define the character of this, otherwise archetypal chair. Wider back legs are slightly detached aside enabling easy stacking when chairs are not in use. The structure is made of solid wood, while the seat and the backrest are made of molded plywood. More