Adeco AG Schweiz
Adeco AG Schweiz

Adeco AG Schweiz

Manufacturers from Zilistude 168 , Mellikon, Switzerland
Adeco Ltd. is the producer of the storage racks “o + c system”, “RADAR” and “wallstreet”. A pure, simple and straight design, quality and trade are the core values of Adeco Ltd.

The different product lines convince by with their sophisticated technology and continuous simplicity. Priority is given to functionality. Simple and honest. It’s the nature of a product that points out its character. Unexciting exciting. Our products are of Swiss precision. This guarantees that each product corresponds to the high quality standard for daily use for years and decades. Our products are supposed to be altered and rebuilt. According to changing needs they are products that remain at our side during a whole life.

Aluminium and inox stand for a consistent and resource conserving production. Adeco Ltd. invests continuously in contemporary, long lasting products.
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Adeco AG Schweiz Mellikon
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Zilistude 168 , Mellikon, Switzerland