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Save time with Archello's Product Selector. It is powered by the fastest search engine on the market. Quickly find detailed product specs. Enjoy the speed of one-click connect. Experience increased collaboration through easier product selection.

How It’s Made

About Archello | Archello


Archello's How It's Made shares insights and tells stories behind great buildings and interiors in an utterly new way. Find all the important information on just one page: what are the technical details, which firms were involved, how were the products used, and much more.


About Archello | Archello

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Archello the hub between
The creative and making industry

Architects and designers are the visionaries behind everything around us in the built environment, creating the world’s cities, buildings and homes and determining the way we live, work and move. As such, architects and designers need to know the best product solutions out there in order to best realize their next project or design.

Archello is making the process of finding, selecting and connecting with product manufacturers easier, faster and more effective for design professionals. Archello is essentially a ‘HUB’ between the creative and making industry, connecting the two with powerful tools.

With its clean and intuitive user interface, Archello is the only platform with an open architectural and design product selection tool, called the Product Selector tool. This tool is powered by one of the fastest search engines on the planet and uses deep filters for fast and effective searching. Products can be saved in a personal collection for reference and further shared with a team to collaborate in finding the right choice.

Within the same platform, Archello’s ‘How It’s Made’ section offers a reference project database and unique opportunity for project team members to articulate their project experiences. Alongside architects and engineers, manufacturers and others involved in the building process provide insight into how specific buildings were made. These examples in turn provide an insightful way to learn about how similar design challenges can be overcome.

Archello’s aim is to offer a platform for better professional collaboration, ultimately leading to better design, better buildings and a better world for us to live, work and play.


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