Alpi is a modern thinking company that has constantly pursued in his twenty years activity a precise productive choice: to be specialist in thermostatic mixers. The use of cutting edge materials, the development of fundamental elements, the attention to unique as well as functional design, give you so many reasons for choosing between the outstanding Alpi product collections to suit every bathroom; Alpi is the only company in Italy to offer greater freedom of choice for a vast range of thermostatic mixers that meet any need, any demand. alpi collection Specialization in the production of thermostatic mixers has motivated Alpi to focus on ongoing research for cutting edge technologies. Solutions where all functional requirements and stunning shapes, from modern, classic to contemporary looks, are a winning combination. xess collection Each range explores a style, a culture, a way of living and thinking which is replicated in your bathroom look; minimal design, classic elegance, modern lines. The highest expression in lines of products are signed by the mark xess collection which includes exclusive creations of great originality. tech industry division With the tech industry division brand Alpi presents itself as a partner to specialists in the production of panels, bathtubs and multifunctional shower cubicles, supplying thermostatic mixers, diverters and accessories. The experience gained in the sector enables the Company to offer standard solutions and create customisations tailored to individual customer.
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