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Who is ALTIIS ? ALTIIS is The specialist of decorative outdoor floors « off catalogue » ; this is OUR craft, we invented it ! ALTIIS brings original and stylish solutions to landscaping professionals and also met individuals who aspire exclusive terraces and gardens. ALTIIS has three fields : - Conception of printed glass floors : unit (DivineGlass® Decor) or assembled (as a glass carpet on stainless steel structure), non slip glass tiles of ALTIIS wake the soil terraces, patios, balconies and bring a modern touch to the outdoor living areas, creation and renovation. Backlit, they offer a unique alternative lighting at night. - marriage of materials : inlays and imbrications bring contrast and graphism due to textures, colours and shines… - Floors « couture » when contours, sizes and layout plan break the usual codes to reveal exterior floor very expressive and unexpected. - Nos services : • Design and sale of proprietary materials © ALTIIS • Support in setting them up (coaching to installation or full installation) Corporate values From material selection to their finish, we attach special attention and demanding the shapping of materials. We are committed to providing aesthetic solutions, sustainable, respecting the constraints of each material and that will fit harmoniously into the environment. MADE in France ! From Loire Valley, ALTIIS works with a wide network of regional experts equipped to solve those technical challenges and specific difficulties inherent in outdoor flooring, ensuring the quality of their production : Nationally recognised expert chemists (specialised in the use of outdoor resins), glass makers, mirror experts, metalworkers, trial laboratories, wood engineers, ‘Compagnons du devoir’ national association of master craftsmen and digital cutting workshops.
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