We believe that daily life is the most beautiful journey – Beyond simple furnishings, our creations bring to light the organic beauty of wood. Pairing unique handcrafted pieces of furniture with new owners to capture and express who they are is a privilege that we cherish every day. Why we do what we do Everyday is a getaway Home is an escape, a retreat and a refuge, but it is also a portal into an inner world – a place for inspiration and renewal. Artemano loves to create it by conjuring the right ambiance that gives one a place to shine and unwind. Escape artists Turning a home into an escape is about paying attention to every detail in order to capture a precise feeling, to recreate an otherwise fleeting sensation of total serenity. On his travels to the Far East, Artemano founder and co-owner Shimon Finkelstein often finds himself in enchanting locations where he feels transported out of time, as if each space had its own story to tell, its own history to share. The awe-inspiring beauty of nature, of a river flowing, of a flame flickering in the dark, of the sun setting, majestic, on the horizon… What a privilege it is to reconnect with that feeling, that energy, when one steps inside one’s home. Ambiances inspired by nature’s creations It is a delight to convey our unwavering love of wood. Nothing radiates awe and beauty like wood. Like fingerprints, the grain of wood is unique, and the slightest irregularity sings the charms of imperfection – of life lived. Our passion for wood is ingrained in our values and in each of our creations. A fusion of light and dark, of new and old, the ambiances we create are inspired by nature and a desire to share what we have discovered in our travels. We find great joy every day in creating ambiances that bring us serenity and completion. It is a great privilege to fulfill our dream, and to share our passion with others.
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