BOXMARK Leather GmbH & Co KG
BOXMARK Leather GmbH & Co KG

BOXMARK Leather GmbH & Co KG

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BOXMARK Leather GmbH & Co KG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-class upholstery leathers. As experts and trend-setters of chrome-free leather manufacture, BOXMARK productions and services focus on the core areas of manufacturing and processing of high-end upholstery leathers both for the upmarket indoor and outdoor sector.

We supply the premium segment of the automotive, furniture, railway, ship and aircraft industry. BOXMARK focuses on international trade. 99% of our products are exported. It is our aim to be the best in this exciting business and to boost the company’s value in the future.


BOXMARK’s core competence is the skilful production of high-value upholstery leathers from chrome-free tanning. This is the focus of all our resources. We want to increase the company’s value and to ensure and develop our European market leadership in the manufacture of leather upholstery.


Our top priority objective is to keep BOXMARK standing out from the crowd. How? By providing a great service linked with the ultimate cost-benefit ratio and best practice for the benefit of its valued customers.


The goal of our staff policy is to act and react dynamically and flexibly to market needs at every level and at any time. It is the continuous fundamental innovation that guarantees our competitive edge. We are continually developing our human resources which give the basis for exploiting the potential of our corporation. New, exciting product services and staff concepts are constantly being realised and implemented to advance and develop our extraordinary flexibility, swift response capacity, power of innovation and creativity.


To safeguard the company’s future, BOXMARK is investing in the conscious development of market-oriented products and the consistent research of innovative processing technologies in cooperation with scientific research institutions. BOXMARK always strives for new and better solutions to keep it in the top division for the foreseeable future.


BOXMARK takes its ecological and environmental responsibilities very seriously. The state-of-the-art environmentally friendly manufacture of a quality product is an integral part of our corporate policy.
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