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BPC Energy Limited

Manufacturers from Greatbridge Road, Romsey, United Kingdom
Founded in 1996 The British Power Conversion company based in Romsey, Hampshire is an independently owned international corporation, offering an established and effective range of power protection products, services and sells to a very broad spectrum of industries and sectors.

The recent development restructure of the BPC Group allows BPC EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) Ltd to take a more active management role in its fast expanding international business. Actual Power Ltd was aquired by BPC in 1997 and since then has always been a major service provider for BPC products in the UK market and has had a special relationship with project-based business. Actual Power Ltd will now be dedicated to exclusively selling BPC products in the UK market, strengthening capabilities and excellence, in the products and services.

Over the past 20 years our business has evolved and we longer just operate under the traditional fields of UPS Systems and Batteries. Our continued growth in the manufacturing of Static Emergency Lighting Systems, Long Runtime Inverters and Static Transfer Switches for critical applications has developed inta a major part of our group. We are also experiencing an important strategic evolution in our activities in the 'Renewable Energy' market for both PV (Solar) and associated products for Wind Turbine Generators. To this end we are pleased to advise that ‘Actual Power Limited’ & ‘BPC EMEA Ltd’ will integrate and change its name to BPC Energy Ltd from January 2014. Traditionally our UK business has been conducted through Actual Power since May 1993 and although it has always sold BPC products exclusively, the name still creates some confusion in the market. Therefore, the planned BPC ENERGY name change will send a clearer message to the market for both products and services.

BPC manufacture and distribute a wide range of UPS and related power protection products aimed at the Computer Networking, Telecom, Midrange Computer, Emergency Lighting and Three Phase sectors of the market. BPC is at the forefront of modern power protection technology with the expertise in the design, development and manufacture of special and custom battery systems enabling us to meet the diverse needs of the computing, leisure, industrial, commercial, emergency services, medical, lighting and military & government markets. As well as an extensive standard UPS and Battery range we also offer a variety of additional products such as frequency & voltage converters, static inverters, rectifiers and generators.

Not only do we pride ourselves on competitive prices and quality products but we have a comprehensive Service Department offering a full range of services ranging from Site and Power Surveys, Commissioning and Battery-Builds to Service contracts and Maintenance Visits. We provide a dedicated customer service to the UK market, and combined with our complete range of UPS and Power Protection Products, we have a solution for every application.

Product Development

Advances in high power IGBT components are allowing UPS Systems to become lighter, smaller and increasingly more intelligent which is having a dramatic effect on lowering costs and enabling BPC to provide more commercially viable solutions. Also, digital signal processor control technology is being expanded from the successfull PowerGem Range into larger capacity products increasing efficiency and reliability.

Manufacturing and Design

Today, the BPC range of UPS includes more than 60 different models. From the smallest to the largest units, the manufacturing process is rigorously monitored to ensure the highest levels of reliability, quality and safety are achieved, in accordance with key International Standards.

Service and Support

At BPC we have some of the most able and talented power protection engineers in the business. Our commitment is to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing real solutions that work reliably and meet your specific needs. This commitment to customer care does not stop here, all BPC products are backed by a superb after sales service providing comprehensive emergency breakdown and spares support. BPC’s devotion to excellence is reflected in the enduring quality of its products and is matched by an equally lasting commitment to customer care.
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