Burgmans Sanitair
Burgmans Sanitair
Burgmans Sanitair

Burgmans Sanitair

Burgmans Sanitair is located in Capelle aan den IJssel (NL) and supplies solid surface products, faucets and showers, mirrors, bathroom furniture, showers, shower/bath 2 in 1 solutions, steam showers, bath lifts and wall renovation systems. Burgmans Sanitair is exclusive distributor in the Netherlands for Fantini (faucets and showers from Italy), Artweger (steam showers, shower baths and showers from Austria) and sells solid surface products, furniture and mirrors under the Burgmans® label.
Burgmans Sanitair Product
Fantini lead free and stainless steel taps
Fantini lead free and stainless steel taps Burgmans Sanitair
FANTINI: ‘LEAD FREE’ AND STAINLESS STEEL TAPS Lead-free taps and stainless steel taps are two innovative strategic choices by the company to safeguar...
Burgmans Sanitair Offices
Burgmans Sanitair Capelle aan den IJssel
Venkelbaan 42, Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands
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