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In 2007 Kelvin Hall founded Enviro-Cool (UK) Limited with the sole purpose of developing a low energy, rapid cooling device for pre-packed beverages for commercial use and a user-friendly fast chill on demand product for the domestic market.

After several months of research a proof of concept was developed which we named V-Tex. A development grant was awarded by the European Commission in the sum of 930,000 euros to progress this proof of concept "V-Tex" into a commercial product.

The development grant has enabled Enviro-Cool (UK) Limited to develop the V-Tex commercial unit as a replacement to expensive high energy use existing equipment such as multi deck open refrigerators and beverage merchandisers found in service stations, super markets, grocery stores, bars and restaurants etc. The V-Tex commercial unit reduces energy use by 90%.

Enviro-Cool (UK) Ltd has also been succesful in developing two applications of the technology for the domestic market, a standalone V-Tex unit and a version of the technology that can be built into existing refrigerator designs.
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