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Since 1982, our priority is to offer you landscape furniture of superior quality and durability, requiring very minimal maintenance and this, at the best possible price.

Nothing but the best quality...

...to ensure your ongoing satisfaction. This is why our site furniture is subject to a strict quality control process and are complemented with a skilled technical support. The quality of our site furnishings along with our professionalism have always been our signature and have distinguished us from our competitors for over 25 years.

Our research and development

...sets us apart. In a world that is fast changing, we continually update our designs and range of products to offer you the most innovative site furniture. This can only be achieved through research and development made possible by advanced technologies. Your needs change and we believe that design and innovation can greatly increase the quality of public sites. Keeping your concerns in mind and working with the professionals of the industry (architects, engineers, planners, designers...) we always develop new landscape furniture responding to your needs.

From a local expertise to an international achievement

...we take pride in choosing local suppliers and sub-contractors, therefore recognizing their competence. This awareness has made us a leader in the site furnishings marketplace in Quebec for over 25 years. We are also present throughout the canadian landscape and in full expansion in the United States. We actively participate in various architectural tradeshows in both Canada and in the United States.

Our social commitment

...is part of our day-to-day culture. We make donations to different charities contributing to help local causes in the health, education and cultural fields. In addition, our steady growth also has an impact in generating employement at different levels. As we regularly hire staff to satisfy an increasing demand, this extends to our suppliers who consequently hire additional staff, thus benefiting to the whole community.

Our environmental commitment

...is united to our organizational culture. With our utmost respect for the environment, we use recycled materials (recycled plastic furniture, steel and aluminum furniture, etc). These materials are not only durable but also require little to no maintenance and can be recycled again.

We can adapt to your projects

...any requirements you may have. Along with our regular landscape furniture lines, we have developped a knowledgable expertise in customized products. We can personalized our products, for example your logo can be added and our tables can be made accessible for wheelchairs; or we can manufacture new designs always with the same high standards of quality. Whether you are a landscape architect, professional of the industry or municipal representative we are ready to take up the challenge with you and find a solution to all your projects.
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