Euramax Coated Products
Euramax Coated Products

Euramax Coated Products

Manufacturers from Industrieweg 6, Roermond, Netherlands
Euramax Coated Products is a premium coil coating company. We bring more than 40 years of experience to the world of coil coated aluminium production, resulting in a wide range of innovative products, special colours and designs. Our pre-coated metals colour all kinds of products, from building facades to household appliances- working with some of the most famous brands in the world. With an annual production of over 15.000 km we supply customers across the globe. We run coil coating lines in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, in addition to which we have sales offices in the emerging economic markets of China (Shanghai and Hong Kong) and India (Bangalore). Our focus on service, flexibilty and innovation together with a market driven approach has enabled us to create a reputation for excellence and a worldwide network of partner manufacturers who produce all kinds of cladding solutions. Furthermore, Euramax offers dedicated design consultation in colour and creativity and a neutral advice on application.

Color your world with Euramax

Good architectural design starts with vision and inspiration. Our mission is to colour the world by inspiring the people who design and build remarkable buildings with innovative colours and designs. Euramax Coated Products supplies premium coil coated aluminium all over the world since 1969. Our products cover many renowned architectural building projects across the world.

Supplying most specialist roof & facade cladding manufacturers, we know a lot about the newest cladding products. Having knowledge of what is possible in different panels and cassettes allows us to offer you contact to the right panel manufacturers. This can be ideal when you search for a specific special panel design combined with the right color.

We offer extensive architectural support:
- Architectural specification
- Free color samples
- Custom colour and design development
- Multiple coating qualities
- Premium warranty

Go to for more information. The Architectural Support Office can be contacted by phone +31475370341 (during office hourse) or by e-mail