Extreme Lounging
Extreme Lounging

Extreme Lounging

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Yes, I know I look different from anything you’ve ever seen before. But relax, I’m just a humble reinvention of the beanbag. Okay, when I say humble reinvention, I mean a huge, in your face, total revolution. I’m so comfortable it’s obscene. I’m as durable as a massively durable thing. I’m more flexible than a boneless contortionist. And I’m good for you too!

Extreme Comfort
You see, while the original beanbags had several reclining/sitting positions, very few of them could be classed as comfy. I have just two main positions. However, they are both ridiculously comfortable.

The Sit: Just place your posterior onto your B-bag as shown and sink into a deep, gorgeousness of luxurious cosiness.

The Recline: From The Sit position, push your feet against the floor and lean against the backrest to turn your B-bag into the most outrageously comfortable recliner you have ever experienced. Oh, yes!

The Freestyle: Okay, so I said there were only two positions, but there’s always another way. The Curl, The Straddle, The Perch, The Flip, The Don’t Try This at Home.

Extreme Durability
Now listen here. I’m covered in what we experts call a PU fabric. All you need to know is that this is a two-way stretch, breathable, water-resistant, durable and easy to clean material. This means you can put me just about anywheres your living room’s your garden’s your private ski slope’s Just don’t leave me outside in the rain-water resistant doesn’t mean waterproof! And looking after me is as easy as pie. When I get dirty just wipe me with a damp cloth. That’s it.