FGP ATELIER was founded on September 1st of 2017. …we strive for depth in lightness, we dream of space defined by endless connectivity. Under the leadership of Francisco Gonzalez Pulido, FGP Atelier’s mission is to contribute to social and economic advancement through the alignment of Design, Science and Technology. FGP Atelier builds on Logic, Intuition, Multidisciplinary Collaboration, Scientific Research and Work Experience to design Active Spaces, Infrastructure and Urban Networks that respond to Atmosphere, Ecology, Comfort, Economy, Culture and the Technological Context. FGP Atelier believes in Experience over Typology and stands for the dissolution of archetypical interventions. Through his 25 years of experience, Francisco’s work has been recognized in redefining the concept of the Stadium, the Lab, the Airport, the Cultural, Living and Working Environments. We value Transparency, Openness and Freedom in both our process and collaborations, as well as in the buildings and spaces that we create.
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1550 W Carroll Ave. Suite 215 Chicago, IL 60607, USA