Floris Hovers
Floris Hovers

Floris Hovers

Manufacturers from Raamsdonksveer, Netherlands
A graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, Floris Hovers spent two years working for a furniture maker before opening his own studio. He is a firm believer in “honesty and clarity.” By this he means bringing a depth of understanding to materials and construction and making this understanding transparent. His work has a playful side, too. He embraces a wide palette of colors and respects the imagination of the very young: two of his best-known products are toys.

Floris Hovers was born in 1976 Raamsdonksveer, south of The Netherlands
After a basic engineering training and advertising and presentation techniques in Utrecht, he studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
In 2004 he graduated in the direction of the studio projects ‘Fixed’ and ‘suggesting tin’.

A basic and simple approach to techniques and materials are essential for Hovers to communicate his vision and working method.

They are often simple and easy-industrial forms and structures that appeal to him while he may be moved by the small, naive of toys and with handmade things together.
captivated by the idyllic workshop, on the other hand the factory every day meters and masses are created he wants to move between these two.
These extremes are a constant throughout his work he described as "industrial handwork".
It is a quest to what was and is, between work and play, between man and machine.
In all this he cherishes love for simplicity and clarity.

The works of Hovers have some sort of recognition of the fact that they somewhat refer to what was and often against the iconic to.
For instance, the products are often themselves explain how they are made. The 'readability' is essential for his designs.

Hovers produces predominantly his own work, he cherishes the entire process from idea to finished product. He believe that the designer can be also craftsman who can make his own designs. Besides developing its own design Hovers also works for brands and manufacturers
He mainly established his name by designing the series Archetoys in 2008
Last year he received the Sanoma young design talent award for his entire euvre so far
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