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Foard Panel originally began in 1985 as a company that installed SIPs for other manufacturers. In 1993 Foard decided that it was time to start manufacturing their own SIPs; believing that better quality SIPs and an easier relationship for customers would be realized. The move also made Foard the only SIP manufacturer that also offered installation with in-house employees. Today, we offer many other unique products and services that are unavailable anywhere else.


Our manufacturing process utilizes state of the art technology to assure we produce only the strongest, most energy efficient materials for your project. Our technicians are some of the best in the industry and they take great care in producing the highest quality SIPs for every customer.

We Offer Four Insulation Core Types:

We are the only SIP manufacturer that offers all four of the following core types: EPS, XPS, NEO and PIR.

Installation Services:
Foard Panel is one of the only manufacturers that also installs SIPs. Our installers are well trained professionals and are actually Foard Panel employees, not sub contractors. Even if you don't require our installation services, you can probably appreciate that a company that understands the process is a benefit when discussing designs and details.

Precutting Service:
We can pre-cut your SIPs at the plant so that your job site stays cleaner throughout the construction process. Often, our customers don't even need to have a dumpster on site.
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53 Stow Drive | P.O. Box 185, West Chesterfield, United States