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FOLCRÁ was founded in 1.934 in Barcelona (Spain) at the height of the architectural Modernism. Their aim has always been to develop state-of-the-art technology by systematically and consistently incorporating the latest innovations of applied techniques and new materials into their architectural products in order to provide creative architects with an integral support system, ranging from information, calculations and tests at the design stage, to manufacture and assembly on site, at the construction stage. This philosophy has allowed FOLCRÁ to evolve from the techniques and materials used basically in conventional or first-generation curtain walls, to the more sophisticated ones used in successive generations, such as curtain walls made of structural silicone, suspended from cables or glass structural elements, and lately those incorporating sophisticated and bespoke 3D geometry. The evolution of those technologies has been consolidated by searching the micro-behaviour of the different components, involving a wide range of tests in their laboratories, and establishing the macro-behaviour of the curtain wall seen as a whole, through complex calculations, using the finite element aggregation system. For all above reasons, and due to their vast experience of more the 75 years, they have had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most significant architects, developers and other actors in the Construction market.
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